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  1. jaaaykx

    HELP! Chimera / Boot - Black screen :(

    [SOLVED] Booted from OSX Unibeast -x -Reinstalled Chimera 2 -Fixed up boot.plist -> QuietBoot=No -> Timeout=1 -Repaired permissions Mac/OSX/Windows Dual boot :D
  2. jaaaykx

    HELP! Chimera / Boot - Black screen :(

    Chimera is v1.11.1 >< does anyone know how i can fix my boot!? I stupidly installed 1.11 ontop of my 2.xx to fix my iMessage (which it did) Now my boot is broken..
  3. jaaaykx

    HELP! Chimera / Boot - Black screen :(

    Hey guys, i just recently purchased an additional SSD to install Windows 7 onto... I've been booting through bios/(boot device) selection at startup with f12. -Working MacOSX -Unplugged MacOSX Drive and installed windows -Plugged both drives back into place -Set MacOSX as default boot...
  4. jaaaykx

    Spec the Mac Pro 2013: What Will the Hardware Be?

    Thinner, Lighter, Faster. 2 x Macbook Air's Enclosed within a MacPro Case. $$Profit Just Kidding. Socket 2011 Sandy Bridge-E Ivy Bridge-E 16GB (Standard) 32GB Upgradable of DDR3 Running at 1866MHz as (8GB is now the standard on laptop/mac range) 2TB Harddrive Sata 3 + 500GB SSD...
  5. jaaaykx

    Random Crashes/Freezes - Unstable

    Most likely your GFX, try integrated for now using GraphicsEnabler=Yes Are you SLI-ing your cards? i noticed the (2).
  6. jaaaykx

    What will Apple do with Macs and OS X in 2013?

    iPhone 5S - "6month release cycle change to battle samsung" Apple TV+? Retina iPad Mini Retina MBP Standard 10.9 OSX New iPod Touch (Next Gen) MacPro 2011 w/ AIO CLS
  7. jaaaykx

    Gigabyte's Teeny NUC-like Mini PC to Debut in April

    Look's promising for a HackMini! :D
  8. jaaaykx

    Intel NUC DC3217IYE & OS X 10.8.2 SUCCESS

    the mSata port would be great for this! Mushkin 480GB mSata :D
  9. jaaaykx

    ga-h77n-wifi issues

    Case would not differentiate or affect anything other than system temps. HD4000 Graphics require 1080p via HDMI or DVI depending on resolution. No EFI injections or code necessary, just ensure Graphics Enabler=Yes. H77N and Z77N don't really differ, maybe if you are having issues whether you...
  10. jaaaykx

    BitterMelon's "Chip" build: GA-Z77N-WIFI - i5-3570K - HD 6870

    Hi BitterMelon, i have commented various times throughout this post, but i would like to leave a final one for everyone! Great build and thanks for the help to the community. I have built using an i3 3570K Z77N-Wifi 8GB Dominator Platinum's I installed using DSDT Free, but the main...
  11. jaaaykx

    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs - What Will it be Called?

    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs Garfield Hello Kitty etc.. LOL
  12. jaaaykx

    Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012

    Article: Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012 This could be because the H77 and the Z77 motherboards only have 1 PCI slot, rather than using it for an external wifi card, it can be used for Graphics or another peripheral. However, in both boards, you can always OPT out the included...
  13. jaaaykx

    Apple's New iMacs Have Ivy Bridge Desktop CPUs

    The "Fusion Drive" is just the Apple branded product of a Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive. If you want this performance, get a Momentus XT SSHD.
  14. jaaaykx

    New G4 Case Mod

    The white enamel looks sick! Nice job :)
  15. jaaaykx

    Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012

    With the new refresh of Apple devices, does this add more compatibility to a hackintosh?
  16. jaaaykx

    Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012

    Hi Tony! How is the stability of your system so far? Does everything work/function? Would love to know as my hardware is coming in a week or so :) Thanks.
  17. jaaaykx

    One Year Later: Remembering Steve Jobs

    R.I.P Steve Jobs
  18. jaaaykx

    GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi Expansion Card

    Hi all, just wanted to make a post about the Gigabyte Bluetooth/Wifi Expansion Card. Im sure majority of all users here have seen this post on building your own airport card. I'am curious to know if it would be...