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  1. matze

    AMD Radeon HD 7950 for Mac Pro Showcased at Cebit (Germany)

    The Card have a dual BIOS :D
  2. matze

    What do you use for cooling? Is Air still the standard? POLL

    I use a corsair h100 in a bitfenix prodigy (white)
  3. matze

    Welcome to the new Windows Subforum!

    Why a Windows forum in Tonymacx86? O.o
  4. matze

    smbios.plist question

    Hi I have an question. I have a ivy bridge cpu (intel i7-3770k) and my question is wich smbios.plist must I use. This is my pc i7-3770k ddr3 1600 8gb ga-z77n-wifi (in my pc when i can bux it :D ) samsung ssd 128gb sandisk ssd 64gb western digital green 640gb asus gtx660ti top-edition...
  5. matze

    zotac z77-itx dsdt search

    ok...I read in the internet that when I have a z77 chip with uefi than I don´t need a dsdt because "real" macs have efi and than with uefi it is almost the same and than mac os x can read there. Is that right?
  6. matze

    [SUCCESS] i5-3570K + Zotac Z77-ITX A-E + Lion 10.7.4.

    have you now a dsdt? 10.8 is released and ivy bridge support ;) when you upload a dsdt?
  7. matze

    zotac z77-itx dsdt search

    can you say me plaese for wich bios version the dsdt is? on question: are you sure that you have a z77 chip? I bought the board up to now not yet, but I want to buy it. use you there the zotac z77-itx tonymacx86 Forum • View topic - A clear Cube with a few differences..... ?
  8. matze

    zotac z77-itx dsdt search

    Hi can anybody help me? I search a dsdt for zotac z77-itx?
  9. matze

    mini-itx z77 1155

    Thanks ;) for wich bios version is the dsdt? 2K120605?
  10. matze

    mini-itx z77 1155

    Hi I search a mini-itx motherboard with that components: -mini-itx -DSDT -z77 chip -5.1 or 7.1 sound card -LGA1155 -ivy bridge compatible thanks
  11. matze

    ASRock enables UEFI flashing/updating over the Internet
  12. matze

    Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 888 on Lion - Update

    how can i use this kext about a dsdt?
  13. matze

    Ati 2600 support

    look this but it´s only 32bit, but you can test it in 64 bit :D
  14. matze

    What Mobile Phone Are You Currently Using?

    I use Samsung galaxy R
  15. matze

    wait for dsmos

    I have fakesmc in s/l/e and e/e . How can i fix it?
  16. matze

    wait for dsmos

    Can anybody make a kext that fix wait for dsmos . I must wait at 'wait for dsmso' so long i have make al what fix it but all work not