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  1. alexakos89

    My hackintosh on Catalina himself wakes (sleep) up every two hours

    hey, Have you found any solution to this? my hacky wakes every 2 hours exactly.
  2. alexakos89

    [Help] AppleALC Kernel Panic after Catalina update

    Any updates on this? I keep getting this error.
  3. alexakos89

    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    Inject intel OFF - Framebuffer patcher ON = Same issue ! I get HDPI but from system only. Not the extra resolutions I add with tool . RGB is working.
  4. alexakos89

    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    Hello and Thank you for this great tool! Really appreciate it. I have a problem though. My monitor is a dell u2515h and I am trying to make HDPI to work with VRAM 2048 I generated a coffee lake patch and everything works ok. (inject intel and disablegfxfirmware are enable.) Except HIDPI when I...
  5. alexakos89

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    I tried to do this : Edit AppleALC.kext with Xcode, if no Nvidia HDMI audio controller device id support Download Xcode, see Post #1/III. Tools/5. Property List Editors/5. Property List Editors Clone GitHub - vit9696/AppleALC Determine Nvidia HDMI audio controller device id (2., above) Edit...
  6. alexakos89

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Hello Toleda! I changed to darkwake = 8 my plist and I have audio after sleep.+ faster wake times! But I can't make HDMI/DP to work on my 1080. Onboard audio is working with id - 1 MaciASL gives me a decompilation Error Mac OSx 10.13.6 I7 8700 Asus z370 Rog Strix F latest bios Nvidia 1080...
  7. alexakos89

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Hello toleda, Keep up the great work! I have a problem with my hackintosh system. I can't get HDMI audio to work! I tried every guide. Nothing happens. Applehda.kext is from SLE untouched. My rig: High sierra 10.13.6 Asus z370 Rog strix F, bios v.1002 Intel I7 8700 Nvidia gigabyte g1 gaming...
  8. alexakos89

    Can’t get HDMI audio or onboard audio working on 10.13.6

    I have the same problem with you. Onboard audio working with id = 1. But I can't get hdmi audio for gtx 1080 to work. Did you find any solution?
  9. alexakos89

    [SUCCESS] 10.12.4; ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, i5-6500, 970GTX

    Can someone help me to enable the front USB ports ? None of them working ! The back ones works like a charm ! I have the same mobo