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  1. Booya

    Bios f.28

    You can not downgrade bios below F.20.
  2. Booya

    Guide: Unofficial ProBook Installer v5b2 + Video for how to use

    Check your router to make sure you don't have your wifi network set as a hidden network, try and flush out your DNS caches and delete and reconfig your wifi to see if it help.
  3. Booya

    Geekbench Score

    1333 MHz is what come standard with probook, You can use 1600MHz but you will not get the full speed. I use 1600MHz cause I just happen to have extra memory laying around. According to HP tech support, the bios limit the speed back to 1333MHz if you use 1600MHz.
  4. Booya

    Usb 3

    Most 4530s USB3 is on the left side, its the blue one. It should work fine with the right kexts.
  5. Booya

    Geekbench Score

    My i3 2350M, 8GB 1600 memory get around 5200 32bit and 5800 64bit. A little lower running off of battery (around 50-100 pts lower) The 1600 memory speed help, with the 1333 speed was around what you getting.
  6. Booya

    What mouse do you use?

    I use Atheros AR5B195 with AR3011 bluetooth combo card. One thing I hate about this card is its only 2.4G and don't work with 5G band.
  7. Booya

    What mouse do you use?

    I have it connected to both lion 10.7.4 and ML 10.8. No I don't use the probook installer, I have my own set of kexts.
  8. Booya

    What mouse do you use?

    I'm using a magic mouse connected with my HP bluetooth without any problem. Don't have any problem pairing, all gestures working with no lag and no disconnect problem. Don't have any problem with my magic track pad either.
  9. Booya

    Atheros WiFi reception poor on ML (4350s)

    I have the same wifi/bluetooth card as you. I still get good signal 30 feet away. TRy clearing your DNS caches Flushing DNS caches: 1. Open terminal and type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder and hit "enter" enter password if asked. 2. reboot
  10. Booya

    [GUIDE 4530s] Lion --> Mountain Lion Upgrade Method - WiFi, Bluetooth, more!

    Ok guys if you gonna follow this install procedure, go download the new probook installer v5 probook v4 is old. Also if you build your unibeast with the new version 1.5.2, and delete your sleep image before you...
  11. Booya

    Is OS X Mountain Lion Crippling Laptop Battery Life?

    At 100% is 6800 mAH, sorry fail to mention I'm using the 9 cell battery.
  12. Booya

    Weird USB woes right-side ports only

    Which USB kexts did you install?
  13. Booya

    Is OS X Mountain Lion Crippling Laptop Battery Life?

    I haven't notice any change on any of my probook, all three still getting over 4+ hrs with normal use. I was able to watch 3 full HD movies and still had about 15% left.
  14. Booya

    Question about the "boot0 Error: The Official Guide"

    You were suppose to use your USB drive not your main HDD. It should be dd if=/Volumes/ML\ Install/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 And make sure you unmount your HDD first.
  15. Booya

    Not about ML. Computer wont turn

    Disconnect AC adapter, remove battery, hold down power button for about 45 seconds. Plug AC adapter without battery install, see if it power on. If it don't try holding down power button longer.
  16. Booya

    Temperature on our HPs

    My i3 2350qm idle: 32-36C Normal use: 42-48C Full stress test using Geekbench: 60-78C My i7 2670qm idle: 36-41C normal use: 50-54C Stress test: 78-82C My i7 2760qm idle: 44-45C normal use: 56-60C Stress test: 80-89C All about the same as Lion.
  17. Booya

    4530s ML webcam resolution quality

    On mine it's bad and jumpy until I actually use it to connect with someone. The quality is good once connected. This might be a power issue, I currently looking into it.
  18. Booya

    No Wifi?? Everything else seems to work well

    You won't need a screwdriver. Just two of your fingers LOL
  19. Booya

    [GUIDE 4530s] Lion --> Mountain Lion Upgrade Method - WiFi, Bluetooth, more!

    Try using Disk Utility to repair disk drive and also disk permission. It should show up in disk utility when connect via USB external.
  20. Booya

    can't boot without USB Unibeast drive

    You're probably missing the fakesmc.kext. Use unibeast to boot into your ML drive and install the attached kext. Repair permission and reboot.