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  1. Pojoty

    You rebooted your computer because of a problem / shutdown issue on clover

    Thank you, I'll give it a try sometime in the next few days and will report back if it seems to do the trick.
  2. Pojoty

    You rebooted your computer because of a problem / shutdown issue on clover

    Same thing happened to me today. Upgraded to 10.10.5 and this seems to be the only issue (using Clover.) Does anybody know what happened? What information do you need? The computer is usable and just fine other than this, but I'm worried it might be an indicator of something that will...
  3. Pojoty

    Security Update 2015-003 1.0

    Thanks! So far it has been normal seeming to me. I have not yet made a good effort to fix iMessage and strangely it worked for a few hours after making this update (I can always receive them, but cannot send them...) All of the sudden I noticed the names were no longer red and it was working...
  4. Pojoty

    Yosemite sleep/wake problems.

    Thanks! I think this fixed it for me, too, in my preliminary tests. Really appreciate it. I will report back if I notice anything fishy. EDIT: Sound doesn't work after sleep. Not sure if I care since I use a USB interface (and I'd rather sleep work than sound!), but if I'm able to fix it I'll...
  5. Pojoty

    Nvidia WebDriver and OS-X 10.10.2 build (14C1514) new on 19-03-2015?

    This suggestion fixed it for me:
  6. Pojoty

    Security Update 2015-003 Breaks NVIDIA Web Driver Again

    This worked for me, thank you! Still running a few tests to be sure, but everything seems to be humming along. I did not read well enough and thought this was the update I was doing:
  7. Pojoty

    Who installed Yosemite successfully on a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH?

    What are the error messages you see? I am trying to install 10.10.2 on the same board, with no luck... I had it working at one point but it was extremely slow to boot and after trying to fix it I seem to have broken it all over again. I have been going with this thread, however this one is for...
  8. Pojoty

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.10.2 (343.02.02)

    Reading through this post by Stork, it seems to have to do with your system definition. I have the same mobo and I followed probably the same user guide you did, which has you set it to iMac. Check out the rest for more, I'm going through the process now, but was able to bypass that problem by...