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  1. thirdshiftdj


    I bought a DW1510 wireless card for my laptop and it works perfect. Your Toshiba Satellite C655 should be able to use that card.
  2. thirdshiftdj


    I've gotten 10.6.8 installed. I picked up a DW1510 card for $20 and popped it in for wifi. Speakers and track pad work w/ proper kexts. I attached a zip of the kexts I used so someone doesn't have to go searching for it. Specs: i7 740qm ATI 5850 GDDR5 240 Vertex 2 SSD 1920 x 1080 Boot...
  3. thirdshiftdj

    Struggle with graphics support for Dual Monitors

    If GraphicsEnabler=Yes doesn't work then I'd try inject graphics string into boot.plist or use NVenabler. I don't use NVenabler because of the extra garbage it throws up during bootup. If all else fails you can still use NVenabler. You have some options and directions are below...
  4. thirdshiftdj

    iSight camera

    I figured it's my firewire. I guess I will have to make some edits.
  5. thirdshiftdj

    iSight camera

    Has anyone gotten iSight camera working through firewire?
  6. thirdshiftdj

    aint booting nicely :(

    Did you try using "PCIRootUID=1" in boot flag?
  7. thirdshiftdj

    [SOLVED] Firewire conservation/ is invalid fix

    Everything is working great except my firewire says it's running s100 and checking console I get the same error (Firewire ffffffffffffff is invalid!). I added my device to my DSDT and then I tried the conservation fix and of course I get an error stating "device SB.PCI0.PCIB.FRWR" does not...
  8. thirdshiftdj

    PC to Mac file transfers

    Paragon NTFS for mac will allow you to read/write NTFS and on the Windows side they have Paragon HFS+. They also have Ext for Linux too.
  9. thirdshiftdj

    Foxconn BloodRage x58 DSDT

    I just wanted to share my edited DSDT since I can't find any BloodRage dsdt around the net. Only kexts I'm using are: ALC8XXHDA FakeSMC FakeSMC plugins edit: Fixed an issue w/ _WAK This is for p11 bios Bloodrage. GTI and Bloodrage use the same bios files so it should be good for Bloodrage...
  10. thirdshiftdj

    DSDT cpus=1 fix

    It should be in the beginning after Definition block
  11. thirdshiftdj

    GA-H55N-USB3 Computer Shuts down randomly under load SOLVED

    Re: Computer Shuts down randomly under load - Only in OSX What happens when you disable CxE and/or EIST and do it?
  12. thirdshiftdj

    Please critique my Protools HD build

    You will need to route SATA cables up and down over the Digi PCIX cards. I've done it and everything works fine. I prefer this case. ... -_-Product Build quality is nice. Good intake fan, holds 5 hdd and 2 ODD. Make sure to get 24" SATA cables for...
  13. thirdshiftdj

    Grey screen of to bypass?

    Just update and run multibeast.
  14. thirdshiftdj

    4870x2 10.6.7 No QE/CI SOLVED!!!

    I've boot w/ PCIRoot=1, PCIRootUID=1, 10.6.6 exotic patch, device id patcher. Anyone have luck getting this to work? Edit: I got resolution fixed w/ ATY_init.kext, but still no QE/CI. Edit: To get it to work I used 10.6.5 ATI kexts ... kexts.html Used...
  15. thirdshiftdj

    Need help to install Multibeast

    Use iBoot to get back into the system and run Multibeast again. I'm not familiar w/ ATI setups, but try installing ATI Boot loader from multibeast. If you still have the black screen. Try using VGA, DVI or HDMI instead. Last time I updated I had the black screen until I switched from HDMI...
  16. thirdshiftdj

    Does iBoot not work via USB Dvd drive?

    I could've sworn that I installed SL before using iBoot and the very same USB DVD drive. For some reason now when I boot iBoot I get Darwin prompt and no keys and/or boot flags work. It just stays at Darwin prompt. No GUI.
  17. thirdshiftdj

    Foxconn bloodrage x58

    NVM, I got it working. Now to overclock the **** out of it.
  18. thirdshiftdj

    Foxconn bloodrage x58

    I have the dreaded "still waiting for root device" I have an IDE DVD drive and I also have a USB DVD drive. I'm going to pick up a SATA version this weekend from Microcenter. Anyone have any fixes?
  19. thirdshiftdj

    Oh crap... Fedora and Snow Leopard....Hard disk Error

    I installed Fedora last night to an external hard drive. I never touched my internal which holds SL and now when I boot I get "Hard Disk Error". Grub must of F-ed it up somehow. I installed the bootloader to its own /boot partition, but I really don't see how Grub could of played a part in...
  20. thirdshiftdj

    Did hackintoshing lead you to buy from Apple again?

    I still buy macbooks and pros from them. Their laptops are just too nice. Let's not forget that everything inside a Mac Pro is basically a server setup. If you were to go out and start buying Xeons and server boards your budget would go up. They're workstations and definitely not intended...