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  1. brandondavis1976

    Installing big sur on ivybridge/sandybridge

    Hello. Was wanting to explain the procedure for how I got big sur to install and connect to the web. First I followed install using clover configurator to change the SMBIOS to say that I have an iMac 19,1 and once I got the installation done I had to tell the setup I didn't have ethernet when I...
  2. brandondavis1976

    How to Prepare for Big Sur

    I have followed this to the point that I can get Big Sur to install, but I can not get it to connect to the Internet. I need to know how to get that part working. I don't use WiFi dongles, I have Ethernet cable. Its on the Optiplex by Dell.
  3. brandondavis1976

    Ethernet connection

    Hello, I am working on a dell 1910 i7 3770 and I have got big sur to install but it does not connect to the ethernet port for some reason. I use the correct EFI chipset to alllow it to do that, but I can not find how to install any ethernet drivers or what, I don't know. Any help would be great.