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  1. flexmanta

    Please help diagnosing: Something's off and I suspect it's graphics related (clover)

    Thanks but that didn't solve the problem. I've learned to live with it. It's like Yosemite (or clover) doesn't like my particular GTX 770. As soon as Oculus Rift releases, I'll update the whole rig to the latest... less than a year.
  2. flexmanta

    Please help diagnosing: Something's off and I suspect it's graphics related (clover)

    Hello, I have a range of problems with my Clover Hackintosh and I don't know where to start looking for the cause. I've identified some problems that I suspect are related to eachother. At the end of this post, I'll describe my build. Problem 1: VIDEO COLOR SHIFT If I'm watching a video...
  3. flexmanta

    Dual GPU: GTX 670 plus 770

    I believe the main requisite for setting up 2 cards through SLI, is that they have identical GPU and an identical amount of ram. So, basically you can't SLI a 670 with a 770.
  4. flexmanta

    10.9.2 , freezing while working without a reason !

    It wasn't the same issue. The 4 Dimm problem happened on earlier BIOS versions on any Operating System. Temporary solutions involved voltage increases (System Agent, IO Analogue and IO Digital +0,200v), and they worked for most of us. After that, they released some BETA bios that solved the...
  5. flexmanta

    Ga-z87x-ud3h, 32gb ram, ml freeze

    First of all, make sure you do have the problem that gets solved by increasing System Agent, IO Analogue and IO Digital Voltages by +0,2v. If you do, then chances are that using the latest beta bios will solve that problem, because that beta BIOS did solve the problem for most of the people who...
  6. flexmanta

    Fix for gigabyte 4 dimm memory instability

    Initially I solved it completely by increasing IO Analogue, IO Digital and System Agent voltage, all three by +0,200v. Then Bios F9a (latest beta for my UD5H) came out and now the system is completely stable with no voltage increase requirements or any other non-standard BIOS setting. Since...
  7. flexmanta

    Ga-z87x-ud3h, 32gb ram, ml freeze

    The problem is very common with z87x boards using 4 dimms of ram. Most of the people who discussed it in the Gigabyte forums have solved it by using the latest beta bios and increasing IO analogue, IO digital and System Agent Voltage, all three by +0,2v. Then there's the other problem that I...
  8. flexmanta

    New Haswell based build freezes after booting up

    If it helps. I have the a similar build here (z87x-ud5x, 4770K, 32Gb RAM). I had the exact problem once I updated to 10.9.2. It was completely stable with 10.9.1. You might find some results when searching for freezing problems with z87 GA boards, but don't worry, those only apply to those...
  9. flexmanta

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    For me it was a combination of increasing system agent, IO analog and IO digital, all three by +0,2v and the latest BIOS, which I believe is F9a for the z87x-ud5h. Either the voltage increase or the BIOS update fixed...
  10. flexmanta

    10.9.2 , freezing while working without a reason !

    That'll drive you crazy. You'll most likely roll back to 10.9.1 if the freezing continues, trust me, it gets to one's nerves quickly. I can't believe a problem like this one isn't big enough for the community to acknowledge it. It really looks as it's as simple as 10.9.1=stable and...
  11. flexmanta

    Mavericks to Mountain lion downgrade

    I did roll back to 10.9.1 because my system was freezing for unknown reason and no messages in -v. It was as easy as using the USB to get to the installation screen and then restoring a previous state. You'll see a list of backups ordered by date and OSX version. I just rolled back to the last...
  12. flexmanta

    10.9.2 , freezing while working without a reason !

    Remember that the RAM problem in GA Z87 based systems occurs when more than 2 dimms are in used while the RAM is not faulty. It's been solved by increasing 3 voltage values in BIOS (System Agent, IO Analog and IO Digital) by +0,2v. Ultimately, the latest BIOS also helped solve the problem, in my...
  13. flexmanta

    ColorSync Profiles

    Yes. When I first started using professional monitors, I would calibrate and profile them every week. I realized shortly that these monitors are very stable and that validation of a monitor which calibration and profile were about 2 weeks old, was still valid and would even certify. Now I...
  14. flexmanta

    ColorSync Profiles

    This is part of what I do for a living... In color calibration, we differentiate hardware and software calibration on different terms, although both are performed with a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer. "Software" calibration: You use a colorimeter to calibrate the video card lut to...
  15. flexmanta

    ColorSync Profiles

    For those profiles to be of any use to anyone but you, using your computer, with your monitors, they'd need to be using your computer, with your monitors. other words: Display profiles are only for the computer they were created in (unless we're talking about hardware calibrated...
  16. flexmanta

    Solved 4 dimm crashing/freezing on GA Z87

    I really did solve it for me. I built this one as soon as Haswell came out and had problems when using 4 DIMMs in my z87x-ud5h. I tried every solution found in forums and, worst of all, I tried all solutions suggested by gigabyte before they went awol on me. I almost go back to ASUS, which would...
  17. flexmanta

    Z87X - random freezes PLEASE HELP

    I also happens to windows users. Gigabyte Z87 board with 4 DIMMs in use equals freeze sooner or later. People have tried everything (downclocking, XMP options, System Agent Voltage changes...). I built 2 identical systems based on the z87x-ud5h with 32Gb in four gskill dimms at 2400Mhz. Both...