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  1. Focx

    Installed Big Sur > Airplay Not Working

    Same issue here -- Airplay via Music app works but not as output for main sound... iMacPro1,1 here.
  2. Focx

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Sapphire Pulse 5700 (non-XT) here, same issue with dynamic wallpaper as described by others, otherwise no issues (with WEG, bootflag, Clover 5098). Updating to non-beta 10.15.1 on 2k screen, the apple logo and progress bar appeared only in the top left quarter of the screen for a while, but...
  3. Focx

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Updating to beta worked, added boot parameter, disabled IGPU and put in the 5700. Flawless boot, and with the SMBIOS changed from 14,2 to iMacPro HEVC works too. Thanks again for the help! Benchmark below (this is the Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 (not the XT version). Edit: Unlike my NVIDIA 1060...
  4. Focx

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Thanks to the both of you! It took a while to get up to speed with lilu and WEG, but managed to get the IGPU running, Nvidia removed/uninstalled and updated to Catalina 10.15.0 without problems. That said, software update is not showing the beta (it is showing the computer is enrolled in the...
  5. Focx

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Sapphire Pulse 5700 arrived. What would be the best order of steps to upgrade from High Sierra with a GTX 1060 (iGPU disabled) to Catalina... simply leave the 1060 in and upgrade, then swap to 5700 (and install WEG if needed)? I guess a lot of people will go down this path soon so it might make...
  6. Focx

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    It seems quite a broad range of 5700 XTs are working -- are there any reports of the 5700 working as well?
  7. Focx

    GA-Z170X-UD5TH based Skylake build - quick check please :)

    Dear all, I'm about to build my second machine and would appreciate if somebody could have a quick look over it before I buy to check if I've missed something. Thanks in advance! I was thinking about m2 drives, but they seem to be not 100% safe for booting yet so I'm going with what I know...
  8. Focx

    update to 10.10.3 - Black Screen with msi Geforce GTX 770

    Just a quick note for someone who might have this problem - I came across this problem with my GTX 770, but the kext didn't work. I had to follow the instructions here: and set the...
  9. Focx

    Gigabyte z77-ds3h Yosemite boot issues

    Tried the maxmem flag to no avail. Changing my profile from iMac 14,1 back to MacPro 6,1 (what I was using under Mavericks) may have fixed the problem now - I just went clean through boot on first try.
  10. Focx

    Gigabyte z77-ds3h Yosemite boot issues

    I have the suspicion the problems with booting (white screen with/without mouse) may not be limited (or even related?) to this motherboard. I have a similar booting issue on my GA-z97x-UD3H, booting success seems completely random, but sometimes I get the "deadbeef" kernel panic instead of the...
  11. Focx

    Quick Fix for Onboard Audio on 9 Series Motherboards

    I did loose sound today until a reboot, but I haven't been able to reproduce it, it worked fine after a sleep/wake I did just now...
  12. Focx

    Kernel Panic with i7-4790K & Z97N; Was Working With i7-4790

    Any updates on this topic? From what I see there isn't a sure fix yet, right?
  13. Focx

    Quick Fix for Onboard Audio on 9 Series Motherboards

    Toleda, thanks for this - this version enabled sound on my UD3H board, which had no sound before (despite fresh installation with new Multibeast including drivers etc.). Green line out and front line out work, IOJones see below!
  14. Focx

    100% compatible wireless card/adapter for Maverick and Win7?

    I'm interested in this as well - Blackote, was the card working under Mavericks, which Jtmarch is having problems with? It would be great to have a reliable, easy wifi option available for Mavericks, because ethernet may not be feasible for everyone.