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  1. jaroch7

    Gigabyte Sniper M5 build?

    Very cool, I look forward to hearing your advice on the matter. Good luck with the build!
  2. jaroch7

    Gigabyte Sniper M5 build?

    I am also interested in this. Any new info?
  3. jaroch7

    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card for Mac 10.9.2 (ASM1061 vs Marvell 88 SE 9215)

    Hello, I'm thinking about picking up this card for my upcoming Hackintosh build. I'm wondering if it is still working well for you, or if you've had any problems since the last post. I'd like to setup 4 x 4TB HDDs with this card (no raid) as storage in the Hackintosh. If you have any other...