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  1. shivanshs9

    Random Freezes in Public Beta 3

    I've attached the problem reporting files.
  2. shivanshs9

    Random Freezes in Public Beta 3

    My Mojave hackintosh had been working great, with no crashes. I updated to Catalina Beta 3 (19A501i ) today. After fixing the EndpointSecurity, the updated OS successfully booted - touchpad, battery, everything worked. But, later, some random freezes started to happen without any noticeable...
  3. shivanshs9

    << Solved >> Boot Task Failed: EndpointSecurity after finishing the installation

    I fixed it by updating all my kexts, especially VirtualSMC and others, in the EFI Clover kexts folder. Then I went to recovery, copied my new kexts to /L/E/, disabled gatekeeper (spctl --master-disable) and rebuilding the kext cache.