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  1. Josejoram

    Bypass driverless nvidia card while using it's HDMI port

    Hi, people! I've got a decent setup, everything works fine. The only issue is the GTX 750 Ti which probably won't ever have webdrivers for Mojave and later versions. I'm using High Sierra right now because of the webdrivers. But I've figured out I don't really use this machine for anything too...
  2. Josejoram

    Possible to get GTX750ti working?

    I have a HS install as well
  3. Josejoram

    Possible to get GTX750ti working?

    Got this card as a gift, did a bit of google-fu and it turns out it's possible to make it work with Hack'. I tried with different methods (webdrivers on/off, injecting, faking ID) but can't boot my Mojave install successfully, which works fine with integrated graphics. Could anyone share a...
  4. Josejoram

    Success installing Mojave PB on i7-2700K / GTX 750 Ti

    Mind sharing your settings? I just got this card as a gift, would be great to have it working with my Hack' install
  5. Josejoram

    H370, B360 and H310 motherboards

    Can I just send you my EFI instead? Not able to do it right now but pls remind me. WhateveGreen + Lilu is the combo I used, however you must patch the framebuffers for the integrated HD 630 if you are using IGFX instead of dedicated. Don't know the drill with dedicated graphics card as I don't...
  6. Josejoram

    H370, B360 and H310 motherboards

    H310M works flawlessly. Can confirm. Only had to do some editing to get the integrated HDMI working without dedicated video card. Don't know about the audio because I use an external sound card, which is MacOS supported. Haven't done anything with the Ethernet either because I use wifi.
  7. Josejoram

    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    Index 1 just happened to be VGA and work OOB, so it was highlighted in red, therefore the screenshot is correct. Didn't touch any value in the line [index 1]
  8. Josejoram

    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    on paper, many people say it isn't supported. however it has always worked OOB for me. even on laptops. didn't have to do anything. VGA goes to a VGA screen, and it works perfectly fine - 1366x760. HDMI goes to an HDMI TV, and now it also works just fine - same resolution. So what I did here...
  9. Josejoram

    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    Many thanks for this! It was the only thing left to fix for my setup. For the Gigabyte H310M-H (with i7 8700 - UHD630 desktop) just had to swap 0x05 & 0x04, and set them both to HDMI. Now I can use a dual display setup, VGA + HDMI. Even the audio works.
  10. Josejoram

    Coffee Lake 630 HDMI won't work

    Hi! Managed to install Mojave on my setup (i7 8700 non-k, Gigabyte H310M, igfx Intel UHD 630). Patched framebuffer and now acceleration works, the only inconvenient is that VGA works just fine but HDMI won't. I tried using different framebuffers (like the Kaby Lake 630) but no luck. Also tried...
  11. Josejoram

    [SUCCESS] Asus Z370 Prime P + i7 8700 + Samsung 1TB 960 EVO NVMe + Nvidia GTX 1050

    I can't get it to work with the UHD 630 (i7 8700 non "k"), have all exact same settings. Any ideas? In verbose mode everything goes just as usual, then when it has to load the apple logo I get black screen.
  12. Josejoram

    Gigabyte H310M won't boot USB installer

    I have a gigabyte H310M motherboard, booted and installed Windows properly, but now can't get it to boot the Mojave USB. BIOS options are set to the right ones for hackintosh. I can get the USB detected and showing up in the boot devices by enabling CSM but then can't boot it at all, I only get...
  13. Josejoram

    [solved] Always reboot after Up 10.13.6 to 10.14 from AppStore

    disable all DSDT renames, patches and changes in clover. disable graphics injection as well. instead of dsdt.aml use bios.aml. boot the install partition on safe mode. this did it for me.
  14. Josejoram

    Disabling unsupported wifi card from DSDT/SSDT

    The card is unsupported, it's not the 1560 that I ordered, so it isn't even detected as a device. Didn't express myself clearly before. So no wifi to turn off to begin with. In system report I can see the bluetooth radio part of the unsupported card as connected by USB but it doesn't even work...
  15. Josejoram

    Disabling unsupported wifi card from DSDT/SSDT

    Is it possible to do this, much like with discrete graphics cards? Some context - I ordered a dw1560 in order to achieve a fully functional Hackbook, but meanwhile I'd like to know if it's possible to disable the current card to save power. Any guiding is welcome.
  16. Josejoram

    How do I know power management is working correctly? + SMBIOS question

    Update. I double checked my DSDT, and I hadn't properly disabled nvidia. Battery use is more reasonable now, still a lot (especially compared to Windows running on the same machine) but at least I don't have to plug AC all the time when watching series. Also followed Rehabman's guide, not much...
  17. Josejoram

    Does the install SMBIOS matter?

    I'm testing different system definitions with a High Sierra install. Would I have to reinstall the OS again with the SMBIOS that I want to test, or is it enough with just changing it on Clover and booting the same install?
  18. Josejoram

    How do I know power management is working correctly? + SMBIOS question

    Hi everyone. I have an ASUS 456, i7 6500u (skylake) & Intel HD520 with High Sierra. All the parts that should work are working, even things that "shouldn't" work like VGA. The only thing still puzzling me is the short battery life. I read on Rehabman's guide that if I have Skylake then PM just...
  19. Josejoram

    [help] Touchpad ELAN1000 works but pointer keeps moving after I release it

    Attached EFI/clover. About the kexts, I temporarily inject them all with Clover until I find out what exactly is happening with the touchpad and I know which ones will be installed permanently. Since I previously tested the VoodooI2c kexts by installing and got the same results, is it crucial...