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  1. enzo2012

    VMware BIOS issue

    You'll have to upgrade to 11.5 if you want stable Fusion on Catalina.
  2. enzo2012

    How to Update + Current and Past apfs.efi Downloads

    I've tried these drivers, but it results in no clover boot menu.
  3. enzo2012

    [WARNING] Clover update r4586 deletes OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi

    I've tried repeatedly to migrate to using ApfsDriverLoader and AptioMemoryFix. I remove apfs.efi and AptioFix3Drv from the efi partition. Clover won't load. As soon as I revert back, Clover starts and my system boots. I'm at a complete loss here. I have the latest version of Clover on 10.13.6...
  4. enzo2012

    How to Update + Current and Past apfs.efi Downloads

    I installed the Clover from tonymac and rebooted. No clover on my SSD now. I had no issues before this update. I removed apfs.efi from the clover driver directory prior to rebooting. I created a Unibeast USB and it sees the MacSSD drive, however, when I select it to boot it gets to about 95%...
  5. enzo2012

    Sierra - Sleep issues

    My system will not sleep after upgrading to Sierra (10.12.x) It will power off monitor, the HDD runs for a bit, HDD shuts down, then it makes an attempt at powering down but doesn't. Case fans continue to run. At this point I can't wake it without a reboot. I've tried every Darkwake setting...
  6. enzo2012

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.3 (346.03.05)

    Is it possible to use Nvidia driver when booting with the HD4000 as the primary display?
  7. enzo2012

    [Guide] CustoMac 2013 | Z77X-UD5H | i7-3770K | GT 640 x2 | OS X 10.11

    I've tried to get this solution working with no luck. How did you implement if I can ask?
  8. enzo2012

    [Solved] El Capitan Slow Boot

    Thanks this helped a lot. The only change I had to make was the HFSplus.efi driver.
  9. enzo2012

    [Solved] El Capitan Slow Boot

    I successfully updated to El Capitan and Clover. Was using Chameleon/Chimera. Everything seems to be working great so far, but haven't had time to put it through it's paces yet. The one thing I noticed is that boot time has doubled/tripled from Yosemite/Chimera. Is this normal, or can I...
  10. enzo2012

    Hector (H97N-WIFI / i5-4690 / 16GB RAM) with New Gigabyte 750 TI 2GB Graphics Card

    I had no issues installing the nvidia drivers, but I get no video output on any port except onboard DVI. Remove the driver, all ports on the GTX card work again.
  11. enzo2012

    OS X Yosemite is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    @Gershy Use the unibeast usb drive to boot after install and hit the spacebar. This should give you the boot menu. Then select your install HD. Run multibeast 7.0. Alternately, boot using unibeast usb and edit your org.chameleon.Boot.plist and remove <key>Kernel</key>...
  12. enzo2012

    OS X Yosemite is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Maybe because it's late in the day and I'm late to the party, but I just downloaded Yosemite in just over 15 minutes. Unibeast drive ready to go. Now I have to wait for my clone to finish and Yosemite here I come.
  13. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    Works me as well. However, I have OS X default driver selected in the Nvidia panel, and power management continues to work. I've tested with all apps that previously triggered the bug.
  14. enzo2012

    MultiBeast 6.3 Update

    Article: MultiBeast 6.3 Update There appears to be an issue that was introduced in HWMonitor 6.7.x with eSATA attached drives. An error condition is not being handled properly and the app crashes. Try unmounting and removing/turning off your eSATA drive(s) then launch HWMonitor. You can turn...
  15. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    My p-states didn't show properly until I created a DSDT. I forget the thread on here, but I followed the steps it outlined.
  16. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    So what you're saying is the bug is still there, and Apple needs to fix it. :beachball:
  17. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    I've connected to multiple monitors with HDMI, DVI-d, and Display Port and I get the same results. Once the 670 hits max it stays there. Under ML this exact same setup worked perfectly. So either there's a power management or display driver bug.
  18. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    Of course, because you aren't using your discrete card. You're using the HD4xxx card. This isn't a solution it's pushing the dirt under the rug.:lol: Both adapters recognized and enabled. The bug is still bugging.
  19. enzo2012

    No GPU Power Managment

    I have had my HD4000 enabled since ML. Power management still broke with my 660.
  20. enzo2012

    DVD Bluray Drive

    I installed the Pioneer BDR-208DBK. Have you had any issues with the OS losing control of the drive? Prior to the error I get a popup requesting how to handle a newly inserted blank disk. The drive is empty though.