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  1. adeguntoro

    [Success] XFX RX 6600 XT graphics card in Monterey 12.2.1

    where i can download menterey ? i prefer split file. Direct download from app store is not an options. i sold my laptop which it's support macos high sierra. home network is slow, very very slow. the only option is download the file from android.
  2. adeguntoro

    Full Acceleration for Intel HD 3000 and older NVIDIA Graphics in macOS Catalina

    can i use this patch for installer and post install ?
  3. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Avoid APFS conversion on High Sierra update or fresh install

    i'm still confuse about "the_target_volume", should i replace this with my IDENTIFIER or anything else ? /dev/disk1 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *160.0 GB disk1 1...
  4. adeguntoro

    Compatibility wifi atheros AR5B195 on Yosemite

    not works on my El Capitan, is this because i use DSDT and SSDT for my brightness ?
  5. adeguntoro

    AR5b195 bluetooth not works in El Capitan 10.11.6

    okay, so i just install wifi kext from my friend, and my wifi card seem okay. but, why my BT not working ? i check on DPCIManager, it just show my wifi card ( i think ), i try to install kext from rehabman repo, but still not works. Any idea how to make my bluetooth works ?
  6. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops

    what is the difference between i use nullcpumanagemment and not use it all without dsdt patching ? i mean, since my laptop can sleep without dsdt patch, i dont really care anymore about patching powermanagement
  7. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Patching LAPTOP DSDT/SSDTs

    i still don't understand. first, i extract my DSDT or whatever it's using clover F4, and it's done. And now i copy extract file from "CLover/acpi/origin" into my desktop. And then i dissemble these file using this command "iasl -da -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml". I have MaciASL on Application, should i...
  8. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Patching DSDT/SSDT for LAPTOP backlight control

    how you use brightness from bergdesign ?my laptop won't change.
  9. adeguntoro

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    okay, I use ig-platform 0x19128086 for my intel HD 530, Lilu.Kext, and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext, should I change my ig platform or just leave it ? at this time I use 10.12.5, before update into 10.12.6
  10. adeguntoro

    [README] 10.11.6 security update 2017-003

    okay, i tried to copy this file, but still i can't go to my desktop, just hanging on there.
  11. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Patching DSDT/SSDT for LAPTOP backlight control

    well, when i check on build signature, my CPU not on list, my cpu is i3-2348M. and also B150 chipset motherboard is not on the list.
  12. adeguntoro

    [Guide] Patching DSDT/SSDT for LAPTOP backlight control

    Hai, thanks for your guide, this guide confuse me, but let me try it first .
  13. adeguntoro

    laptop camera not detected by El Capitan.

    owh sorry, i will delete and move it..
  14. adeguntoro

    laptop camera not detected by El Capitan.

    Hai, i have laptop, Acer E1-471, few month ago while i use Yosemite, i can use my front camera, but when i upgrade into El Capitan, i can't use my front camera anymore, is this normal ?
  15. adeguntoro

    Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) cards for laptops with Mac OS / OS X

    hai, any sugestion for half mini pcie combo wifi and BT 4.0 ?
  16. adeguntoro

    vga output from motherboard black screen, but not with hdmi.

    so, i just finish install osx, everything is fine but i only can use HDMI output for my main display output, everytime i use vga output from vga it always show me black screen after verbose mode. how to fix sometime like this ? i use vga port from my mobo. i5 6500, intel hd 530, MSI B150M PRO VDH.
  17. adeguntoro

    [Solved] Update 10.12.5, Initialize Graphic Firmware failed

    hai, i just try to implement this method for my intel hd 530, but still not work.. i try to place lilu.kext and intelfix bla bla.kext in EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/ or in /Library/extension/ also in /System/Library/extension.. did i missed something ? sorry for my bad english.
  18. adeguntoro

    M.2 PCI-E mode only for OSX ?

    so i want to build cheap mini hackintosh, then i found great board, but before i buy this board. will M.2 PCI-E support for OSX ?? is it okay even for dual boot with windows ? here my target :
  19. adeguntoro

    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    oh nooo, i just delete .app folder and just save .dmg file.. it long time ago since el capitan release..
  20. adeguntoro

    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    is this el capitan mus be dmg file or app file ?