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  1. therisingking

    (SUCCESS) Asus Maximus VII Impact + 4790K

    I have the Maximus VII Formula, it also has the Supreme FX sound card and I haven't got it working just yet. When I get home today I will try the audio configurations that you used and post if I get it working. I'm using the Clover boot-loader so I might or might not run into some issues when I...
  2. therisingking

    Anyone have iMessage working?

    I had to switch to Clover but I got it working when I did.
  3. therisingking

    General Yosemite hick-ups!

    You mind if you put up a screenshot?
  4. therisingking

    General Yosemite hick-ups!

    With Yosemite? For me when I login it just spins and spins.
  5. therisingking

    New version of multibeast coming?

    I have everything working except for sound and my bluetooth "connects" but it doesn't actually connect. It was working fine in Mavericks.
  6. therisingking

    Login screen mirrored displays

    Dont remember exactly I was just messing around and it changed. It went back to the mirror screens now. I'm using a GTX 770 4GB.
  7. therisingking

    Login screen mirrored displays

    I'm having the same problem, I was able to fix it once but then it went back. Still trying to get it to fix.
  8. therisingking

    Anybody with the "Essentials.pkg" Error

    Thank you! This worked for me. :)
  9. therisingking

    Easy Yosemite Clover USB Installer

    I discovered what I was doing wrong and I am now able to boot from the USB. It did not give me the option "without injected kext" so I went ahead and selected Install Yosemite but I cannot reach the installer because of a kernel panic:
  10. therisingking

    Easy Yosemite Clover USB Installer

    I succefully made the bootable drive but it wont boot it says it can't find the kernel in System/Libeary/Kernels.
  11. therisingking

    Profile Build Signatures: Request Additional Components

    Hey can you add the Asus Maximus Formula VII under motherboards?
  12. therisingking

    USB mouse not working after upgrade to Yosemite

    Yep this is what happens with me.
  13. therisingking

    USB mouse not working after upgrade to Yosemite

    After I upgraded to Yosemite half of my 3.0 and 2.0 ports do not work, but they do work in Windows. I have about 4 working USB ports that work and I also have to unplug and plug them back in for them to work.
  14. therisingking

    All USB ejects about every 5 minutes after upgrading to Yosemite

    This is also a problem with me, my logitech bluetooth keyboard and touchpad connects for about 30 seconds, then displays a battery icon and then disconnects.
  15. therisingking

    iMessage Broken after Yosemite Update

    Spent hours trying to get it to work last night only to read this post. Aha well I'll be waiting for a fix, everything works besides my iMessage.
  16. therisingking

    Anyone have HDMI Audio working on yosemite?

    It's not working for me either, having to use an external card. Can't get my mic to work either
  17. therisingking

    AppleKextExcludeList.kext Black Screen + reboot

    I had that same problem, I had to boot using f5 or f8 into the Unibeast USB Drive and then use -x -f -v and it worked for me.
  18. therisingking

    MultiBeast 7.0 Update