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  1. heckmac

    Off the Shelf Native Airport - PCI Express Wifi Card!

    FOR EUROPEAN SHOPERS N BUILDERS [amazon-de][/amazon-de] TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adapter (450Mbps) von TP-Link Preis: EUR 39,22...
  2. heckmac

    AMD Radeon HD 6970 Working in OS X

    So these would apparently also make HD 4000 and Kepler work as well KEPLER which GPUs are supported 670 680 650m for 670etc need of adding device ID ? :crazy: :beachball: :idea: ??
  3. heckmac

    NEW BUILD compatibility check 10.6.8 10.7.4 future builds

    ivy bridge not compatible to snowleopard------>if ivy 10.6.8 emulation virtual machine SANDY BRIDGE CPUS somewhere read multi gpu support selectabel in Lion 10.7.3 --->480GTX in first PCIe slot, 5XX other PCIe HOW TO DISABLE GPUS after first PCIe slot so 480GTX...
  4. heckmac

    Hackintoshable? Toshiba Laptop - first build

    @gordo74 so what will be a contestant non-apple laptop qualifying for OS X Lion and SnowLeopard installation nice would be an i7 26xx notebook cpu 540m GPU or 555GPU cheerios
  5. heckmac

    Chimera Makes Film Debut in "Wrath of the Titans" :P

    without C H I M E R A the beasts wont come alive how about a new branch B E A S T M A S T E R of the apples :beachball:
  6. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    viewtopic.php?f=3&t=575 Author helostswede Ok, here's a link to a guide that explains how to enable AHCI in Windows 7 if it wasn't enabled at the time of install - ... stallation There's even a registry entry file you can just download, double click...
  7. heckmac

    Using an ATI Radeon HD5970 without OS X driver edits

    @EEE3 how to proceed ad your dsdt in TextEdit need for compile ....... you are on os X 10.6.X or 10.7.1 cheerios
  8. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    @ G O I N G B A L D ME 2 start all over within Virutal Box Proceeded like xmove Install from Tonymac booted up xmove installer installed on an OS x Extended Journaled HDD GUID first time boot up after install Setup Multibeast 4.0.3 Lion Edition Easy Beast + Cache Rebuild option within...
  9. heckmac

    GTX 590 Working, But OpenGL

    UNBELIVEABLE how did you proceed ? Cheerios
  10. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    @Going Bald still waiting for root device did erase HDD GUID Mac Extended Journaled 4 Partitions cloned a working 1068 SLeo with MBeast 3.9.1 Snow Version -->HD 3000 3rd one MsFAT for Windows 7 exept Snow all partitions are empty -v found 560 TI with ID ---> unsupported Graphics.....still...
  11. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    GOING BALD boot hangs still wait for root device Within Multibeast there is an IOUSRollback Fix within the forum viewtopic.php?f=169&t=35158&start=20 ??
  12. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    @GOING BALD Thank you !! rBoot did help did install MultiBeast latest even did move my second HDD as Boot first had to manualy enter boot and select HDD with Lion 10.7 Chimera Countdown but stuck at this screen LION BOOT.JPG ANY IDEA ONE AGAIN does help boot options -v...
  13. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    @GOING BALD first error tried to boot LION with Iboot ----->iBoot Boot CD for Retail DVD - 10.6.x only within bootoptions starting up the windows 7 Pc second HDD containing W7 and xmoved Installation being copied with Carbon Clone... failed to boot into Lion any hint ? cheerios
  14. heckmac

    Dual boot windows 7 / Lion 10.7

    @Going Bald Hi there, refered to your guide ... -snow.html using MultiBeast 3.9.1: Snow Leopard Edition using update helper for 2600 CPU, updated to 10.68, ran 3.9.1 Multibeast post install all this on virtual box, carbon copied the install to the...