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  1. POSTpro

    10.11 El Capitan - New to Clover need some help please! z77x-UD5H

    Thank you, Amylowellow, for the quick reply. I figured out my "reboot after shutdown" issue. Pretty much the case of the bad USB peripheral... I also kept reading on the site and found out the 7xxx system def doesn't seem to be anything to worry about as long as everything is functioning...
  2. POSTpro

    10.11 El Capitan - New to Clover need some help please! z77x-UD5H

    I would appreciate some help from the clover pros. I’ve dragged myself, kicking and screaming, into the clover side of things because the handwriting on the wall seems to indicate that this is the future of Hackintoshing. I felt pretty comfortable and confident in the Unibeast and Multibeast way...
  3. POSTpro

    OS X 10.10.4 Update

    I fear that my hackintosh is going to be moving into the hobby column and I will have to purchase a Mac Pro for work. My hackPRO has been a work horse since I built it almost three years ago, but every update, these days, have me holding my breath and crossing my fingers to no avail. Inevitably...
  4. POSTpro

    OS X 10.11 - rootless

    +1 was thinking the same. What say the gurus
  5. POSTpro

    OS X 10.10.3 Update

    This update was a bear! My system is not shutting down properly and hasn't for a long time now (everything powers down but fans keep running and I have to hold the power button to shut off machine). I knew I would have trouble since update required a restart (was not able to apply last security...
  6. POSTpro

    Apple's New 12" Retina MacBook Revealed: 2 Pounds, Fanless, Broadwell CPUs

    I can think of at least two demographics they are going for: Students and students. And all those who are attracted by the MS Surface. (which I am not since it runs Windows). I'm thinking about selling both my wife's and daughter's 15" and 13" macbook pros and getting them one of these each. The...
  7. POSTpro

    3 monitors on Yosemite

    per Novuake @ Toms Hardware forums: "At least ONE of the monitors needs to be connected via display port, if you use any sort of adapter for one of the monitors, that adapter needs to be ACTIVE not PASSISVE. " This is true for my setup using the Radeon HD7970s.
  8. POSTpro

    3 monitors on Yosemite

    The good people here need more info about your hardware before they can help you.
  9. POSTpro

    What GPUs are Stable

    I ditched nVidea cards several years ago because of constant freezes in FCPX... I have had 0 trouble with my HD7970 since I started using sysdef Macpro 5,1...
  10. POSTpro

    OS X 10.10.2 Update

    Updated via MAS following Storks wonderful instructions (as always). 1) Had to boot into SSD with 10.9.5 installed so that I could delete appropriate kext that cause KP on the MacPRO 5,1 sysdef 2) Had to then boot into 10.10.2 in safe mode so that I could reinstall Chimera and audio kext 3)...
  11. POSTpro

    What Speakers Do You Use?

    I've been using, and loving, the M-Audio BX8d2 Studio Monitors. I went to Guitar Center to pick out a good pair of monitors for my studio and these were my second choice behind the ADAM Audio A7XGB. Those were amazing but a little out of my budget at the time. So for around $500 USD I don't...
  12. POSTpro

    Watch Live Video of Today's October 2014 Apple Event

    Yosemite is starting to become available in MAS! Tried to install and asked for PW and then gave error: "This time is temporarily unavailable. Try again later." Time to hammer Apple servers!
  13. POSTpro

    Would you get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

    I did something I've never done and that is lose my iPhone 5. I'm pretty sure it is on my property somewhere but since I live "off the cell tower grid" I can't locate it. So I went to BestBuy and they had one gold iPhone 6 128GB left. I bought it on AT&T's Next plan and the phone has been great...
  14. POSTpro

    Dual HD 7970's in Mavericks 10.9.4

    @ thewisevaloo: I do see a marked improvement in FCP X using 2 HD7970s. I did a non-scientific comparison between my hackPRO and my rMBP (late 2013 15" i7 2.3ghz with 16Gb ram & GT 750m) and the hackPRO rendered an identical timeline in exactly half the time as the rMBP. Now some may say this...
  15. POSTpro

    Dual HD 7970's in Mavericks 10.9.4

    #1) I've had a little more time to dig around and did find the answer to my own question regarding the PCIe lanes. Here is what the Gigabyte website clearly states: * The PCIEX4 slot is available only when an Intel 22nm (Ivy Bridge) CPU is installed. * The PCIEX4 slot shares bandwidth with...
  16. POSTpro

    Multiple GPUs - 4 Monitors - Mavericks HELP!

    Hi binh828, I'm no expert but I will try to see if I can assist you from my experience of multiple monitors and multiple gpu's. Also, I can only speak about the parts I have used. I've only used Gigabyte MB so I don't know all the intricacies of ASUS boards. I am able to run a fourth monitor...
  17. POSTpro

    Dual HD 7970's in Mavericks 10.9.4

    binh828: I will post my thoughts to your questions on your thread. I will also do some experimenting with monitor connections and post on this thread as well.
  18. POSTpro

    Dual HD 7970's in Mavericks 10.9.4

    I am starting this thread to provide some information, and ask some questions, about dual HD 7970's. First off, I scoured the internet for any information about these two GPUs being used together in a hackintosh. I found precious little information. So here is what I've learned. 1) I had to...
  19. POSTpro

    low Benchmarkscore HD7970 Ghz

    Try this: You HAVE to be on MacPro 5,1 if not the video card will be sluggish [and] don't forget to erase the kext! (per aberracus) Remove AppleTyMCEDriver.kext and AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext from /System/Library/Extensions... (IMPORTANT or you will get kernel panic) Post if this...
  20. POSTpro

    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    I thought I would update my setup pics since my humble beginnings back in October 2012. I hope everyone keeps posting there setups. I enjoy seeing all the cool things you are all doing. I have to agree that actual setups are are better than manufacture pics but that's my own preference...