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  1. Pigumon

    Rumor: Haswell Retina MacBook Pro This Month- Return of 17" MBP

    Apparently Could Be? Isn't that the same as saying "definitely maybe"? ;P I just wish they'd release ANY haswell rMPB!!! Hurry up Apple! My 0% interest expires in May!!
  2. Pigumon

    Any Mac That Can Run OS X 10.8 Can Run OS X 10.9

    Yes! So glad to hear. Will be buying 10.9 as soon a tutorial is released.
  3. Pigumon

    Apple Posts iTunes 11 Redesign Details and Screenshots

    Maybe it's the one of ONLY SIX LABELS called PLAYLISTS right in the center of the screen. I really hate it when Users dumb themselves down.
  4. Pigumon

    Post a Screenshot of Your iPhone Home Screen

    Just realized there's no way to upload a pic from my iPhone!!!!!
  5. Pigumon

    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    That's insanely low! Are you running the 64-bit version of Geekbench? I've only got an i7 2600k at 4.0ghz with 16gb of ram and I'm getting over 16,000. It's gotta have something to do with not being natively supported yet...
  6. Pigumon

    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    Really glad to hear this is working out for you. If I get more into modeling and video editing, which I'm really aiming for, I would considering something hard core like this. Hope it STAYS rock solid once everything's installed!!!! Funny... I think my first post on this forum was "Why aren't...
  7. Pigumon

    What Mobile Phone Are You Currently Using?

    You mean a One X.
  8. Pigumon

    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    PRICE, man! PRICE! :P No really, what did this cost? It seems like a wonderful machine for 3DCG & Video.
  9. Pigumon

    xbox 360 driver not seeing usb controller

    I don't see a Mac version of that anywhere...
  10. Pigumon

    RAGE: Campaign Edition - Anyone buy it or going to buy it?

    Did either of you get it working? I downloaded version .11 of the Xbox controller pref pane and it doesn't recognize the controller. I wonder if the Lion fix in .11 changed something. Do you have anything set in Multibeast for controllers?
  11. Pigumon

    xbox 360 driver not seeing usb controller

    Same problem here, it's weird how people here don't say a word sometimes.
  12. Pigumon

    Retina iPad Front Page

    And to prove the quality, zoomed out that far, you can still read all the text!!!!!!!
  13. Pigumon

    Retina iPad iBooks Screenshot - 2048x1536

    Well, originally the screen was pinkish, I guess it was the adhesive not dry yet, after a few days of use the pink tone disappeared and now the entire screen is bluish green. I compared it to my iPad 2. None of the colors are correct. it's really bothering me coming from an art and design...
  14. Pigumon

    Chameleon on the Head of a Match

    That chameleon needs to learn about color temperature, his gray is much too warm to be a good match. ;)
  15. Pigumon

    Retina iPad iBooks Screenshot - 2048x1536

    I seriously laugh at the people who have no foresight, and just bad mouth improvements like the retina display, the back camera, or even the iPad itself.. This new iPad is so awesome (except for the weird color shift, do you have that on yours?)
  16. Pigumon

    Apple Airport Extreme Wifi Card for Hackintosh0-ebay

    It's almost NEVER about the cost of parts. It's about convenience. People are paying because all they have to do is plug it in. time = money. Obviously the people buying these feel their time is more valuable.
  17. Pigumon

    Powerbook12" or Mac Mini 3,1 cards work?

    I have two old computers, both have airport cards, Can I use either of those with an adapter for native support wi-fi?
  18. Pigumon

    USB WiFi Dongles - The Thread

    It works with OSX?
  19. Pigumon

    hackintosh and Photography works

    HAH! I was either going to buy photography equipment if I stayed here, or build a hackintosh and bring it overseas when I go teach. =P I love my hack. Mac MINI Price, Mac Pro Power! Of course I've learned to back up, and to not download betas or "fixes"!