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  1. gian80

    Universal Audio Apollo Issues

    I'm experiencing a different problem... I left software version 7.7.1, but if I try to upgrade to the latest the apollo stop playing audio also if it' recognized properly. On my MBP 13 instead all work fine!!! What could it be?
  2. gian80

    Universal Audio Apollo Issues

    Are u still having flashing icons? One thing I noticed on my build is that I have no info in System profiler under the thunderbolt section even if I plug the unit and it's fully working
  3. gian80

    Universal Audio Apollo Issues

    I have the Z77MX D3H TH board and by default I had 128 in the bios setting, it's working fine this way. It's weird problem the one you described, maybe it' smore software related. I had all soft od problems with ML 10.8.5 Aldo on driver installation and I was not the only one. On maverick all smooth
  4. gian80

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    +1 Apollo Twin on TH working! My mobo is a GA Z77MAX-D3H-TH v1.1, just follow all directions here on the forum about to get Thunderbolt working
  5. gian80

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    I got an Apollo Twin Duo today, I have a GA Z77MX-D3H-TH v1.1 and running it on 10.9.2 flawlessy so far, actually everything works fine on this mobo from PM to sleep USB3 front back hot swap etc etc I also followed Toleda guide on native PM on Maverick. I just set in the bios Wake from...
  6. gian80

    "Mac System Drive Full" error

    Yeah thank u, I found it previously but could't fix the problem till I discovered I just search in /Library and not in my home... I completely unistalled that shxxx… now everything again lightning fast again! It's funny how those people reply to other users on the Apple Support community…
  7. gian80

    "Mac System Drive Full" error

    Hi to all, I'm experiencing a problem I never had so far including my 10 years with real Macs, I don't know if it matters but all began after installing Genieo yesterday which I removed after 30 seconds... I have 1.1 TB Fusion Drive with 700GB free space but still getting the message the...
  8. gian80

    MultiBeast 5.5 Update

    if I use these USB 3 driver than I can update to 10.8.5 without kernel panic, right? I assume this v1.2.6d2 is newer than 1.2.5 recommended before to reboot, without the need to use kext utility e delete old kext Thank you!
  9. gian80

    MultiBeast 5.4 Update

    Hello to all and thank u for the update!!! Anyway I configured my hack with a FusionDrive and installing Chimera 2.1.1 alone or thru Multibeast 5.4 I can't see it! When I press any key at startup to enter boot option menu I always read Chimera 2.0.1 Should I repeat the last steps from the...
  10. gian80

    MultiBeast 5.3 Update

    I tried to install the new white theme but I get always the same one. where am I wrong?!?!
  11. gian80

    [SUCCESS] 10.8 on Asus P7P55D-E / i5-760 / ATI 5570

    Hi Simon, which TI chipset mounts that card? I saw the one having FW800 too, it looks exactly like Syba, but I need only FW400, so I would buy this one since it works OOB. Thanks for the help.
  12. gian80

    Crackling noise with firewire audio interface on hackintosh running ML 10.8.2.

    Hi, I want to buy the same ExSys card too. No Syba around here, so it works OOB? Can I ask what AI you're using? thanks for helping
  13. gian80

    Another inevitable "Will it work!?" thread, warning: high verbosity

    Hi there, I'm an european user too having the same difficult to buy a Syba card. I should order it from Amazon paying €56 and waiting 3 weeks. I building my hack with your exact configuration: i5 3570k HD4000 Z77 DS3H and I need firewire. I found here in Italy the Exsys card with 2 FW800 and 1...