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  1. ironhide

    [Guide] Airport - Half Mini PCIe

    anyway to increase minipci power? in windows i get many connections listed (like 10)... in osx only one and i have to be really close to the router (max 2 meters, and i don't have a table there to work) Wifi part is Ar9285, the bt 3011 couldnt make it work in Lion nor Windows :(
  2. ironhide

    lion alc269

    Hi, I have a notebook Samsung with a 300e5a system board, windows detects it as a Realtek ALC 269... I tried the tips here and cant get audio to work My steps were: Retrieved dsdt with dsdt editor then patched it with all patches inside Notebook Core i SB folder (except the Hdef patch that i...
  3. ironhide

    Atheros AR5B97 not recognized after 10.7.4 update

    maybe you have edited the .plist when installed before and was overwritten during the update... check if vendor id is there
  4. ironhide

    HP ProBook 4530s

    if you buy a card remember to take the hp version cause some brands have a whitelist of pci-e cards and HP is one of those
  5. ironhide

    HP ProBook 4530s

    you posted 3 different cards, you already have the notebook? i think ralink works using a software from ralink, but no BT, check in 4530 sub-forum
  6. ironhide

    Made my own airport card...but there are issues.

    try with ubuntu that can be run as a live cd to test the system, that way you can see if its the card or some config in the hack
  7. ironhide

    Atheros AR5B195/ Bluetooth AR3011

    at insanelymac i saw a post about a bt enabler for ar3011
  8. ironhide

    8 core i7 sandy bridge hackintosh for "SUPER" renders

    customac build 4 IS an 8 core machine... not xeon core but i7 2600k, is 4 core 8 threads like the one in the video you posted (the one in the middle)