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  1. likelazyeyes

    Sleep, shutdown and sound not working

    Thank you for proposal. I am not prefer strict patches. I think all patching must be done with clover and addon ssdt. When I patched dsdt with "audio layout 3 patch" the sound is working. But I think DSDT patching it is not sustainable. I have 2 milestones for success. 1. detect issues. 2. make...
  2. likelazyeyes

    Sleep, shutdown and sound not working

    Asus X555L Broadwell Laptop - High Sierra 3 issue: 1. Sound: ALC233 - AppleALC installed. No sound device. 2. Sleep: On wake, laptop restarting. 3. Shutdown: Not properly shutdown. Debug_Gen files attached.
  3. likelazyeyes

    Battery Issue with High Sierra

    Battery is showing but not updated. When login screen it shows true value. Also not updated when adapter plugged-in plugged-out. Only login screen updates adapter plug-in-out. With sierra i have not this issue. Also hwmonitor shows true value. Also sleep not working while my usb mouse not...
  4. likelazyeyes

    [Guide] Disabling discrete graphics in dual-GPU laptops

    I can't disable discrete graphics on ASUS X555L. High Sierra not booting. Stucks at gioscreenlockstate 3. I am booting system from other partition which added DiscreteSpoof.aml Calling OFF() from INI tried. Also I tried call SGOF() and PS3(). No change. EC related code moved _REG from SGOF...
  5. likelazyeyes

    Help for dsdt editing ^ 6 months without sound.

    Oh, I am designer, anymore I want to listen music! Asus X555L Broadwell 5200U HD5500 Working: System, HD5500 Not Working: All of things, sound, battery indicator, power saving etc. Needed: Work all of things and cpu power management, disable nvdia gpu, buy a wifi card I am following the dsdt...