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  1. ibeddine

    End randomSeed +++ - Toshiba z30

    Hello , I am creating a bootable usb from mac of Mojave , using Install Disk Creator mounting EFI with Clover v2 for a legacy boot But whenever i try to install from USB i get this and stuck in End Randomseed I try to boot with argus : -V ( I am new in hackintosh )
  2. ibeddine

    USB not Booting - Toshiba z30-C

    Hello, a newbie here, I have a Toshiba z30-C, i have followed the guide to make a bootable USB on mac, everything is good in USB side, My problem is when i plug the usb and i turn on the laptop and i choose USB as booting option nothing showing on, I have already modified my BIOS setting as...