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  1. jimbaran

    DSDT Editing 101 - the video tutorial

    The basics of editing DSDT Have fun ... g-101.html
  2. jimbaran

    How many WD drives have died on you?

    Put me down for 1 WD 1000G Caviar Blue Just died yesterday. Jimmy
  3. jimbaran

    GeForce 9800GTX black screen in 10.6.4

    @Jammol Off topic but do you know a guide for AMD? I have an old board and AMD CPU would ove to convert it into a server. Jimmy
  4. jimbaran

    After install Mac OS, which is the best way to have Windows?

    Vote: Separate drives = Better. If you install on separate drives it is easier and you have more options after. You can move either drive to a new machine if desired in the future and you can disconnect either drive at any time, which does sometimes become necessary. Jimmy
  5. jimbaran

    Do I need to change anything to run 2 x GTX-240?

    I have one GTX-240 now and it can drive my one monitor fine but it stutters when I plug in the second. Can I just throw a second card in or do I have to insert some kexts? Monitor one is 1920x1200(DVI) monitor two is 1920x1080(HDMI) - Just too much for one little graphics card I guess. Sorry...