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  1. hardcorefs

    Which NAS do you use with your Hackintosh ?

    Simple.. crack open you SSH terminal in the synology. to get root access then go into your logs and check them out. somewhere in there you will either see in the kernel OR the card driver kicking up a fuss about not having either bandwidth or bus width for the card and so it will be "nobbled"...
  2. hardcorefs

    Which NAS do you use with your Hackintosh ?

    It's nonsense..... just becasue I stick a v8 engine in a mini, does not mean the chassis can handle it under full tilt.
  3. hardcorefs

    Which NAS do you use with your Hackintosh ?

    Anyone using Synology, should think about aging out their equipment. 7.x has totally destroyed all the useful packages, no longer exist or are supported. Also noticed they are switching over to "locked" licenses, that require you to register the NAS & software before it will function...
  4. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    ok H.T crashes system at apple logo, if enabled in bios oc 0.8.3 & OS 12.5 scores are NOT improved , but i do have a fair amount of other SW running 1979 Single-Core Score 12961 Multi-Core Score
  5. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    It sounds like bull, but I did not read anything... Who reads instructions right? Really the forum needs a "START HERE CLOWNS" page... and like a "tech" tree approach. The actual purchase... I saw Asus generally had good results. and I saw people with 12 gen, and I know that my 1070 NVIDIA...
  6. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    just checked...... the conn is light blue (surround) lime (head phones) pink (mic)
  7. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    I'm using the audio connectors on the Mother board, but not the blue one and the sound is just dandy.... and the mic works a treat as well. I've not had any problems, and I can say I just wish Windows was 20% as stable as this... the only thing I'm not sure about is: 1. The builtin graphics...
  8. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    Well, I sent a bug report to Apple, and, since 12.5, it's never happened again. It's the only thing that has changed, that and updates to O.C, but it did not seem like an OC problem. So...
  9. hardcorefs

    macOS 12.5 Update

    No so good, I'm afraid...... It stamped on all the network settings & deleted my VPN's, which I was using just before the update. After the update, they were completely deleted out of the networking control panel. However, the default Ethernet & WiFi remained.
  10. hardcorefs

    General NVMe Drive Problems (Fatal)

    Because they pertain to completely different things. The computer & storage devices are both black boxes. (i wrote a dissertation for why forensic write blockers were potentially crap. basically, "how does sticking a 3rd black box between 2 other black boxes Guarantee the integrity of...
  11. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    ok here is is .. it took 10 days.... {"timestamp":"2022-06-10 19:33:35.00 +0800","bug_type":"210","os_version":"macOS 12.4 (21F79)","incident_id":"D41AE3F"} {"macOSProcessedStackshotData":"bpbGU=","macOSPanicString":"panic(cpu 6 caller 0xffffff7fa2b0c9ff): \"[3:0:0][PPLIB] Failed to send PPLIB...
  12. hardcorefs

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (387.

    Don't laugh...... that actually worked for me.... I had an apple employee onto me within 1 day.
  13. hardcorefs

    Heads up.... "Intel play down Alder Lake CPU bending"

    Looks like Intel might have cheap assed the design of the 12th gen
  14. hardcorefs

    Help needed for Prime Z690M-plus D4

    sometimes rarely on startup & shutdown I get a problem where the card panics. or after some sleep events. but it is really rare and i cannot seem to duplicate it. it seems to be when a certain core picks up that thread.
  15. hardcorefs

    Need help for MacOS Monterey installation on a Asrock x570 Steel Legend

    you have not given any sort of feedback as to what problem you have.
  16. hardcorefs

    macOS 12.4 Update

    went right in with O.C 0.8
  17. hardcorefs

    Apple Mac Pro Wheel Kit

    You are not buying a set of wheels.
  18. hardcorefs

    Apple Mac Pro Wheel Kit

    even absolute top quality manufacturer in china can do this for less than $20usd for this quality, with top quality plating. This tells us this product is dead ... (mac pro 2019) Apple is dumping the stock.
  19. hardcorefs

    Monterey on external SSD

    yes it will work..... if you can either boot via the main motherboard or the "option" key.. the way to install it is plug the drive into the computer, format & partition it Then go to the installer & when it asks to select drive, chose the external one. now...... the trick here is to ensure...
  20. hardcorefs

    6600XT "working" (sort of) but not recognized in About This Mac and not usable for accelerated processing on Monterey 12.3.1

    damned strange....maybe it's the firmware revision of the cards..., I left it in but still can see no difference.