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  1. Xerz

    The everything works Asus Z390-I Gaming * i7-8700K * SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX Vega 64 Build

    @ModMike, Just finished installation with Clover IGPU version without major issues. I have 9600k + 1080 Ti (which is no go for 10.14+), so i went with IGPU version. 0. I have cut radiator on motherboard at the place of Wi-Fi module :mrgreen: So i managed to install "tall" BCM9360CS2. All that...
  2. Xerz

    [Guide] Dell XPS 9350 Mojave VirtualSMC, I2C Trackpad, Clover UEFI Hotpatch

    Can try this also if you have DW1830 wireless card I found it here
  3. Xerz

    [Guide] Xiaomi Mi Air 13.3 Skylake-U 2016 (1rst Gen)

    For HiDPI on 1080p panels there exists cool script give it a try.
  4. Xerz

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9350 macOS 10.12.1

    1. Model 9350-8293: Full HD, i7-6500u, 8GB, no touchscreen, Samsung NVMe SSD 256gb, DW1820. Replaced SSD to Samsung Evo 850 and Wi-Fi to DW1560 2. DSDT Edits: Listed patches + one manual replacement for brightness keys: Method (BRT6, 2, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (Arg0...
  5. Xerz

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9350 macOS 10.12.1

    Using as a daily driver. Thank you for good guide. Installed without problems. 1. I use SATA Samsung Evo 850 SSD, so i don't need of nvme patches. 2. Using MacBook9,1 SMBIOS with HWPEnable instead of MacBookPro12,1 and SSDT.aml 3. Using ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext with BRT6 Method edit (see 9550...
  6. Xerz

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9350 macOS 10.12.1

    For my configuration (i7 6500u, Full HD): VLC playing SD quality - 7 hours Reading - 10-11 hours Safari + VLC - 5 hours
  7. Xerz

    [Guide] How to patch DSDT for working battery status

    Hello, RehabMan! Following such a great guide got my battery status working on HP 15 r084sr. I've added several strings to hp spectre patch. Also got my backlight and brightness keys working following another brilliant guide. But where i'm really stuck is 1 native cpu power management, 2...