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  1. hotbullet

    X299 motherboard choices

    My Friend has msi board cant remember the exact name it came with extra nvme to pcie that can use two card. both the card are shown automatically. In my case how do i know which one is bifurcated slots (bifurcated is after turning on vroc? before turing on it is slot3?) ioreg will say what it...
  2. hotbullet

    X299 Big Sur Support

    .Meaning you can have network support if flashed?
  3. hotbullet

    X299 motherboard choices

    kylec are you able to have more than one nvme on vroc enable in OS X. I have asus card if I enable vroc OS X would not see even one nvme. If I disable vroc I can have one nvme visible in is Catalina. I am using as rock creator. thanks
  4. hotbullet

    AsRock X299 Creator

    my board is running fine but i just would like to know what is the main difference in kext or ssdt that this one has from the original x299 board. what is mandatory step to make this work, i have been reading all the post in this thread and lots more to go on, thanks my journey started same...
  5. hotbullet

    AsRock X299 Creator

    Interesting how much metal score do you get before radeonboost and PP ? i get only 50k. after reading your post i radeonboost.kext jumped to 75k. I have no idea how to PP. you need what software? Also at the moment i am thinking and actually trying to add asus m.2 hyper on my board. because my...
  6. hotbullet

    ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2

    Hi i have asrock board, and the slot is on 3rd slot. Your instructions are very clear but my bad i dont understand at all. could anyone help me please? I have register my ioreg if i dont raid can i use four independent slots? Thanks.
  7. hotbullet

    AsRock X299 Creator

    i am using tb3 to tb2 and using apogee element24 soundcard it works perfect and also can hotplug.
  8. hotbullet

    AsRock X299 Creator

    *SOLVED* figured out 44 lanes m2 2 disabled ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok now here comes my issue. anyone using 3 nvme? i have populated 3 nvme. the middle one bios wont detect. my cpu is i9 9900x it has Max # of PCI...
  9. hotbullet

    AsRock X299 Creator

    Thanks, i upgraded from x299 deluxeii to creator board because i did not want the 3rd nvme sticking out and 5Gb lan never worked. At first it did not boot at all!. then i used supplied efi folder in this thread. everything booted successful. then i copied my old serial number smuuid reboot...
  10. hotbullet

    Thunderbolt 3 ITX Motherboards (+ Hotplug)

    you might have to install windows and install drivers make it work in win then it will work in hack. i have msi but i can not get it to hotplug. i have to plug in the device then boot up machine. then tb will work.
  11. hotbullet

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Anyone got Antelop sound card working via tb??
  12. hotbullet

    Asus X299 - Support

  13. hotbullet

    ASUS X-299 Deluxe II - Thunderbolt Solution?

    Questions for X299 Deluxe II people: which BIOS are you on? Do you use emuvariable efi? Which aptio fix are you using? Do you get run time error at boot? I am using aptiofix3 with emuvaraible, and I get runtime error every few boots. Once it has booted, it is fine. I am on latest bios. as of...
  14. hotbullet

    GA-Z97X-UD7-TH Thunderbolt MAO

    hi you have to set the thunderbolt security in bios to legacy and thunderbolt wake up disable..i can get my hdd via thunderbolt drive working but could not get the thunderbolt in system report to show up.. it just shows that thunderbolt no drivers are loaded. i am using gigabyte z97 ud-7
  15. hotbullet

    EBIOS READ ERROR: ScreenShot inside : GAZ68p-ds3

    Hi I am having problem with the Hitachi 1TB Advance format and wd black 2TB when these drives are attached to the mobo i can't boot from chimera, also i have had same problem on giagbyte h67 d3sh any one have faced same problem and managed to fix? Thanks.
  16. hotbullet

    Working Core i5 2500K, Gigabyte Z77M D3H, AMD HD 5770 1GB

    after deleting appleHDA works perfect. hope sleep and wake up will work soon.
  17. hotbullet

    gigabyte z68xp big problem please help. can not run programs

    Thanks mate, i will try and update you.
  18. hotbullet

    gigabyte z68xp big problem please help. can not run programs

    hi i still have same problem could not figure out. i have tried with 3 amd card. -5770 -6870 his -6870 sapphire on gigabyte board it is always the same error. i did not use dsdt since my board is not p67A-UD7 it does not have dsdt. however on asus board seems to work fine., but my asus board...