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  1. Mac-Mike

    M1 iMac G4 with HighRes Screen here you go
  2. Mac-Mike

    M1 iMac G4 with HighRes Screen Here is a controller for that screen. Costly, but might find a better deal. Here is a link to the screen as well
  3. Mac-Mike

    [Success][Guide] Build - El Capitan - Skylake - Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming-5 Mini ITX

    What is your Geekbench score for this processor/motherboard combo? This is almost the identical build I am contemplating. Thanks.
  4. Mac-Mike

    Possible to solder fan connections for OEM Mac Pro 2013 top fan?

    Is it possible to reverse the fan direction? I am looking to put one at the bottom of my design and push air up and through my design. I want to turn it upside down with the smaller end pointing down / bigger end pointing up. Thanks.