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  1. mmdmurphy

    Clover DSDT Fixes

    Thanks. I have multiple drives and edited all of them, now it's working as I want.
  2. mmdmurphy

    Clover DSDT Fixes

    I have a hackintosh sierra on a gigabyte Z97 HD3, Intel i5. All working well (finally), but.... when I boot, I go into clover and disable all the DSDT, and tell it not to load the intel video drivers. EVERY time. Is there a 'save' option that I'm just not seeing?
  3. mmdmurphy

    Drive cloning

    What's the best way to clone a drive - INCLUDING Clover and all the configs I've set? I learned how NOT to, I cloned with SuperDuper! and system wouldn't boot to the clone. I'd like to make more of an exact copy so that the bootloader, etc. comes over. Suggestions? I'd be glad to RTFM if...
  4. mmdmurphy

    ACPI Kernel Panic on Boot After Clover Update from Yosemite

    Not sure if this will help anyone in the future, but I finally turned off all the stuff under DSDT, so that my flag is something like '00000000000' and my system boots fine now
  5. mmdmurphy

    Gigabyte motherboard

    Editing my post... Basically, all working now. All you have to do is read instructions and follow the. Ugh. I have GA-Z97-HD3 Core i5 (forgot exactly which one. If anyone thinks it matters, I'll find out.) Asus GeForce 210 16 GB DDR3 120 GB SSD 1 TB HDD Shows as OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 iMac 27...