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  1. Branhower

    The PowerPC Hub's Power Mac G5 Hackintosh Build

    It really is too bad that graphics card manufacturers are putting those power ports facing the side instead of facing the back, otherwise the plastic air-shield could be put back on. Major props though Goftrey. You did a way better job than I did.
  2. Branhower

    G5 Case Mod Color Scheme Poll

    Merry Christmas to you too! I have a distinct feeling if that matte black was changed to Space Gray, I would have no trouble voting for it.
  3. Branhower

    Jaap's G5 Mod

    God-speed sir. Glad you got that cut-out as a template.
  4. Branhower

    Powermac G5 ATX Mod in Audi RS6 Gray

    Aww yeah, that is one classy paint job. I aim to get mine painted "Space Gray" like the new MacBooks, maybe a tad darker, complete with polished Apple logo.
  5. Branhower

    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    Took me about five days on free shipping, from Amazon. Not bad. Also; if you're having issues with one feature of the card running, and if you guys plug yours into any other type of PCIe slot than 1, reset your CMOS before spending money on those adapters. It worked for me, and it's free...
  6. Branhower

    Favorite Old school Motherboard

    Be prepared, we're going way back for this one. Mine is the Abit KT7A. The Athlon XP proc over clocked another 300 MHz to make a 1.33 GHz processor. Probably the most stable OC ever. Also forayed into RAM overclocking, but let's not get into that. The most awesome thing about it was being...
  7. Branhower

    Fans fans fans

    Logged in to support the "people are buying more fans than they need to" viewpoint. Basically I got a stock CPU cooler, the GPU cooler, and a 60mm fan for the hard drive bay (60mm because I selected it on accident, but it works, even better now that I swapped out a couple of 3.5" hard drives for...
  8. Branhower

    How do I spruce up my G5 Mod: All suggestions are welcome

    How do I create an external button for the blu ray burner on the outside of my chassis? This looks to be a good discrete but functional combo. This is the only way I know of since the entire front of the...
  9. Branhower

    modding psu question

    These types of mods are my favorite, where everything looks like it just belongs together. Stellar work Neil.
  10. Branhower

    modding psu question

    While I used 2 60mm fans to retain as much of the stock look as possible (and because I didn't cut my ATX PSU to fit it in the case), if you cut your ATX PSU case, either one will be good. You may capture warmer air from the top, but I don't think you'll have any overheating issues, since air...
  11. Branhower

    Vintage hack

    That's one of the slickest setups I've ever seen.
  12. Branhower

    QQAT - the Quick Question Answer Thread for PowerMac G5 Hacks

    This makes sense. Thanks sir. Nice paint job by the way.
  13. Branhower

    QQAT - the Quick Question Answer Thread for PowerMac G5 Hacks

    Alright guys; I'm going for a solder-free build, and I already both looked in and taken apart my ATX PSU's housing and looked in depth, and I can't get the internals out without a de-solder. So, I'm stuck with either cutting the existing shell to the right height to fit in the G5 PSU, or mount...
  14. Branhower

    Building a Budget Haswell Build: How Low Can You Go?

    You can get a little cheaper by buying a motherboard from a different manufacturer, but the work required to get a "native" OS X install goes through the roof; or the quality of the board decreases. It's better to spend the extra ~$15. I had a fully functional Hackintosh using an MSI board at...
  15. Branhower

    G5 Mod Something Just A little Different

    I got to say; I like that Apple cut-out in the front of the case. If I decide to do a heavy cosmetic mod to my case, I'll definitely incorporate that into the design.
  16. Branhower

    New Thin Gigabyte Mini-ITX boards

    I understand these were mainly designed for "custom" All-in-One systems, but let's see how thin some Mini-ITX cases can get with these things. I'll bet you can stick a thin heat-sink in there and vent the hot air directly out the top of the case!
  17. Branhower

    Samsung RC512-S02 Mac OS X Installation / Snow / Lion

    I'm baaack! So let me get you up to speed on where I am now. Once again; I got Mountain Lion working (currently DSDT-less for now) on an old USB hard drive; and I would have used the same strategy as an earlier post in this thread, if I had my old Mac. Essentially what I did was create a...
  18. Branhower

    CustoMac Mini 2012 in a Macintosh SE casing

    A Mac SE with wireless? What is this wizardry?!
  19. Branhower

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD Available Again Online for $19.99

    Article: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD Available Again Online for $19.99 It's either that or if they run out of DVDs. I'm willing to plunk money down on Apple not printing them anymore. I'm really not getting the whole hype behind this DVD either (beside being the cheapest pathway to...
  20. Branhower

    Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012

    Article: Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Mini 2012 On the WiFi front, the chip that comes bundled with the board is an Intel chip; and from what I read, it's very hard to even develop a kernel extension for Intel chips, let alone get them working with everything intact. Bluetooth works...