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  1. kabiprasad

    [Guide] Lenovo Z50-70/Z40-70/G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI

    lenovo g50 70 i3 4030u 8gb ram intel 4400 , r5 m230 gpu which version of mac os will my laptop support ?
  2. kabiprasad

    [Guide] Lenovo G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI (10.11)

    It does not work . Some portion of my laptop screen is damaged and the black spot on it gradually spread over the screen See in the pic . But i don't think that ,it cause the problem ,because it works fine before i install sierra on it i.e in windows .
  3. kabiprasad

    [Guide] Lenovo G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI (10.11)

    Hi there , I done all tax providing above, everything is working fine. But the brightness is not working , the brightness key in my keyboard is working but it can't control the brightness level . I go to the system pref >display and trying to control the brightness but it did not...