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  1. tremmelin92

    Post Your Desktop

    Here's mine Screen Shot 2011-11-26 at 00.02.55.png
  2. tremmelin92

    Paragon NTFS 9.5 on Lion problem. Can anyone verify?

    I use paragon NTFS 9.0 on Lion it works great
  3. tremmelin92

    Install / Uninstall Applications

    I use CleanMyMac which has an App uninstaller built in and can clean temp/cache etc. files up as well :D
  4. tremmelin92

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Re: whats your speed Mine quite frankly is awful In reality this is 590Kbps down and 101Kbps up (maximum)
  5. tremmelin92

    Mac Browser Wars: What Do You Use?

    Firefox is king (i'm on 7.0b right now), mostly because of addons, interface and the fact that it's not ran by an evil corporation that want to know who I am and try and control what I see :D I do keep Chrome around for those who use my Hackintosh and don't like Firefox Unistalling Safari...
  6. tremmelin92

    Backup Mac Partition?

    ^ SuperDuper! is fantastic
  7. tremmelin92

    Why do you want to build your own Hackintosh?

    2 reasons 1. Because I can 2. Windows is evil
  8. tremmelin92

    10.7 Lion - Graphics Cards which work and don't

    Has anyone managed to get a GT440 working in 10.7? my current card is:: Brand= Gigabyte Model= GV-N440TC-1GI (512MB GDDR5 with Turbo Cache (1GB)) Device ID= 0x0de0 (Rev. 0x00a1) Multibeast= 3.8.0 + DSDT Method= GeForce 4xx Driver package (no Graphics enabler needed) MacOS= 10.6.x Reported by=...
  9. tremmelin92

    Post Your Dock

    Re-installed OSX so my docks changed (M.A.S = Mac App Store) Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 12.10.54.png from left: Finder Mac App Store System Preferences Activity Monitor Clean My Mac Firefox (Beta) Safari Microsoft Outlook 2011 Mail Skype iTunes Audiobook Binder (M.A.S) VLC Kindle (M.A.S)...
  10. tremmelin92

    Gigabyte GT 440 cannot install lion

    Hi, I've just tried to upgrade to Lion using a Gigabyte GT 440 graphics card, but after the Apple logo screen all I can see is a white screen, I changed the graphics card to an Asus GT 240 and I got past the white screen Does anyone know of a way to force OSX to work with a GT440?
  11. tremmelin92

    Post Your Dock

    I keep my dock fairly simple Screen shot 2011-08-10 at 21.33.15.png I'm a big book fan so the Kindle App (from MAS) is always there and so is QREncoder (again from MAS) there also tends to be Adobe CS5 and iWorks/iLife Apps hanging around, but not today
  12. tremmelin92

    Was upgrading to Lion worth it?

    Ok so I've installed Lion and have it working fully with sound and wireless... but was it worth upgrading from 10.6.7 which was already great? so far I personnaly think not, but I still have more exploring to do so I'm undecided currently what's your opinion? - - - - [01-Nov-2011] Ok...
  13. tremmelin92

    OS X 10.7 Lion: Download Only

    Honestly that was a pain in the backside to install, Firstly I had the login issue with the App Store (both GUID and computer/device not recognised) then I managed to get on the app store and buy Lion but kept get an unknown error (4) eventually managed to get it downloaded it installed...
  14. tremmelin92

    (lion) There was an error in the App Store

    ok so fixed this, just had to wait an hour
  15. tremmelin92

    Tony Wake Up!!

    can't wait for new iBoot p.s. will a new version of MultiBeast be released as well for Lion?
  16. tremmelin92

    Available for Download

    I'm going to wait for tony to find a solution
  17. tremmelin92

    Get ready for Lion! Wednesday, July 20th 2011

    It's 9am in the UK and still no lion on the app store I suppose apple will release it when America wakes up, so UK release is hopefully before 4pm
  18. tremmelin92

    GA-P55-USB3 F9 (Rev. 2) Working

    tremmelin92's Build: i5-760 - GA-P55-USB3 - GT240 Components MotherBoard: GigaByte GA-P55-USB3 F9 (Rev. 2) Processor: Intel i5 socket 1156 2.63GHz Ram: OCZ 4GB DDR3 10-10-10-30 OS X: 10.6.8 (Identifies as Mac Pro3,1) Audio Codec: ALC892 *Note: GA-P55-USB3 F5/F6/F8 (Rev.1) boards use ALC888...
  19. tremmelin92

    Change keyboard layout

    Hi, I've only had my Hac installed for a few days but already i'm getting anoyed with the OSX keyboard layout. Now i'm using a Microsoft curve keyboard (UK - QWERTY) and I'd love to know if I anyone knows how to reasign keys, For example @ on my keyboard is " in OSX " on my keyboard is @ in...
  20. tremmelin92

    Sign in app store issues after 10.6.8 & Lion

    Re: Sign in app store issues after 10.6.8 update Fix Holy mother of Jesus it worked. Thank You xx