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  1. Freeblas

    Post a Screenshot of Your iPhone Home Screen

    LoL.. you're right but there's too much spam:(
  2. Freeblas

    Post a Screenshot of Your iPhone Home Screen

    Five Icon Dock SBSettings (with Statusbar date enabled) Zeppelin (with Wind Italian logo carrier) ...and many many more:) Greetings from Italy
  3. Freeblas

    Can only boot from iBoot disc

    I've the same problem but with different hardware. Can't boot without iBoot disc, I tried booting with -v but nothing changes. I'll try typing this code. thanks When I plug in a USB storage or disc system needs to restart giving error. It's so frustrating
  4. Freeblas

    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    I've tried to boot with iBoot then -v and after a sort of verbose boot Snow Leopard booted normally
  5. Freeblas

    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    All is working great for me but I can't boot from hard drive. I followed iBoot + Multibeast method and this procedure to install with my EVGA GTX460 I installed with iboot, combo update 10.6.6, DSDT- system utilities and chameleon RC5, reboot but snow leopard doesn't boot from hard drive
  6. Freeblas

    Can't boot from Hard disk

    Hi everyone I followed all guides by tonymac and macman and I managed to install everything including 10.6.6 combo update and tonymac nvidia driver. all is working great with screen resolution 1920X1080 After 10.6.6 update I placed my DSDT.aml on the desktop and I installed DSDT and system...
  7. Freeblas

    GTX 460 1 gb, will it work

    If you installed tonymac nvidia driver you don't need NVEnabler. so remove it