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  1. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    I'm not getting this on my X299 with Ventura with having an AirPort Card and NVME Expansion Card in. I do get this though on my very old X58 legacy system but also only in Ventura, not in Monterey with same EFI for the same Airport Card as in my X299 system and also for onboard ethernet! Also I...
  2. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Maybe there's something with incremental updates, checK this flag for resrtictevents kext: Have you tried boot from install stick or recovery mode and just...
  3. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Ok, the I have no clue either. Maybe it's worth to check: RestrictEvents, Securebootmodel (mine is default), order of ssdts. Maybe try to set it built-in via device properties?
  4. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Is it showing up in the PCIs of the System Report? I'm not sure that adding SSDT has to do anything with it. I have this on an other machine which is legacy patched, but has the same SSDT implementation as my primary x299 machine, where this does not occur.
  5. dk1306

    Ventura on Ivy Bridge

    Hey I have ventura on an x58 sabertooth legacy with i7-960 and rx 570 gpu. What I did was just creating an opencore efi with oclp choosing macpro5,1 on an usb drive. Then I just took most kexts cryptexfixup, some avx and also power management and also the kext patches and put the into my config...
  6. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Hey I went from 12.6.3 to 13.2 with no issues at all. I'm on x299 Asus Tuf Mark 1 with 10900x. For me it feels even smoother on as it was on Monterey, wehre I had mds_stores at 100% CPU load for 10 minutes on fresh boot. With Ventura it is gone and my machine stays cooler! There's also a...
  7. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support HwMonitorSMC2 you need VirtualSMC drivers for that
  8. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Hey, for me changing SecureBootModel to Default did the trick
  9. dk1306

    macOS Built-in Speed Test: Post your Network Speed

    ==== SUMMARY ==== Upload capacity: 99.556 Mbps Download capacity: 497.544 Mbps Upload flows: 20 Download flows: 12 Responsiveness: High (2242 RPM) Base RTT: 8 Start: 4/12/22, 10:42:06 End: 4/12/22, 10:42:21...
  10. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Since Monterey I replaced SmallTree kext with this one to get my i211 to work
  11. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    thanks, this solved the issue. However on my other machine Intel Nuc(Macmini7,1). The update showed up with Scurebootmodel disbaled
  12. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Thanks mate. I'll try Update: Folder deleted, connected through en0 = still not getting 12.3.1
  13. dk1306

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    Hey guys, Im stuck with 12.3 and not getting the 12.3.1 update. I use imacpro1,1 do you have an idea why? I've already tried clear nvram and enabling sip, but without any luck
  14. dk1306

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Hey Guys, I'm still on BIOS 3105 on my ASUS x299 Tuf Mark 1. Is it safe to go 3501? Are the any significant changes I should be aware of?
  15. dk1306

    Sapphire RX 570 8gb Nitro+ - HDMI not working (Black Screen)

    Does anybody has clue, what else I could try? Dp, even dual dp are working perfectly, but hdmi and dvi not.
  16. dk1306

    Sapphire RX 570 8gb Nitro+ - HDMI not working (Black Screen)

    Hey guys, I have an issue with this graphics card, meaning the HDMI ports are not working. This card has 2xDP, 2xHDMI, 1xDVI What I've tried was differrent framebuffer: Ornicoco, various SSDT Implementations with connector-priority, connecttor-count and so on. No luck. MY other card Sapphire RX...
  17. dk1306

    Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Mojave (10.14) Guide

    Hey guys, I finally manged it to install catalina woth opencore on my p6t. The only thing that is not working is shutdown and reboot. It just gets stuck. Has anyone an idea?
  18. dk1306

    Compiled SSDT Examples for macOS

    after BIIOS update 3105 on my ASUS X299 Tuf Mark 1. I opted from SSDT-RTC0-RANGE ssdt rather than awac. And there I had also to doctor around to get it to work, e.g in the original the path was _SB_.PC00.LPC0.RTC_, which I had to change to _SB_.PCI0.RTC_. Also the device is now called RTC0...
  19. dk1306

    macOS 10.15.7 Update

    hey guys, update went smooth. Unfortunately I'm not being able to sign in into apple id in the system preferences anymore. It's either says "incorrect password" or "an error occurred". My other machine is still running 10.15.6, no issues there and also no issues with my two mac native machines...
  20. dk1306

    Mod About This Mac!

    any idea how to mod "PCI Cards" tab when using MacPro7,1?