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  1. senormassao

    Probook 4540s with 16gb? How is performance?

    I have installed 16GB 1600Mhz RAM in HP 4340s and it works flawlessly. You need to update the BIOS first, and reduce the "page-file" size if it becomes slow after RAM upgrade.
  2. senormassao

    4x30s CPU Upgrade path

    Hi, I have HP Probook 4330s (i3 2310m, 8gb RAM 1333MHz, 1TB Samsung EVO SSD). I have upgraded the BIOS (F.60, 03/13/2015 version). I want to upgrade the CPU on my computer. This laptop was also delivered with i7 2620M and i5 2540M, so it should be possible to upgrade to any of these CPU’s. On...