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  1. centraljava

    Outlook Free for Mac

    gr8 news, but is there a version that runs on Mojave? TIA
  2. centraljava

    Best macOS version for Z390 Designare?

    hi @B-San hv you looked thru the authoritative guide on this board from CaseySJ?
  3. centraljava

    GA-Z87X-UD3H 4770K HD4600 and Mojave OSX

    i second that .. one of the best and most stable versions of our beloved OS
  4. centraljava

    Best macOS version for Z390 Designare?

    am a huge fan of Mojave as well, it is just so responsive and stable There have been issues running certain applications (R language, Python 3, VirtualBox as examples) which need tweaking and updating Xcode, but i've been relishing the work and the challenge to maintain this old lady :)
  5. centraljava

    FastestVPN Lifetime @ $18

    does anyone know how to get the version for Mojave ? TIA
  6. centraljava

    Volume Hash Mismatch Error on macOS Monetery

    had the error couple of weeks back, to the extent that no application would run booted recovery & ran disk check, the system is now running normal again
  7. centraljava

    ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-PLUS WiFi D4 | Rocket Lake i7-11700K | AMD Radeon RX 580

    hi @Aldaro am about to pair a 10th gen i5 with a Z590 board as well :) are you aware of any possibility of getting a system up with just the iGPU? TIA
  8. centraljava

    Lenovo ThinkPad T490 i5-10210u

    what’s yr Github?
  9. centraljava

    Lenovo ThinkPad T490 i5-10210u

    hi @Mrbubzie am afraid my laptop is foobar; lots of digging required what happened was i installed Ubuntu on a third partition, and it wiped out even my good Monterey EFI the Mojave partition is still there, but not sure where i put the last good copy of its efi btw, if you look around there...
  10. centraljava

    GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS MASTER - Removable M.2 WiFi ?

    perhaps the OP wld like to get full-compatibility (i.e. AirDrop etc) ... yes, unfortunately removability of wifi-card is seldom fully documented one almost always need to hv physical access/inspection of the actual board
  11. centraljava

    WSJ Sir Jony Ive “The death of a company is so ugly.”

    hmmm... who'd hv thought... the death of h'ing projects could signal the decline of A**ple been reading reviews bemoaning Ventura, quite likely the last Intel-compatible MacOS
  12. centraljava

    Lenovo ThinkPad T490 i5-10210u

    hi @Feartech , thanks. just a modest achievement (tho time-consuming) :) inspired by all the wonderful & helpful moderators on this board. Just wanted to achieve this as a challenge, because lots of folks had told me it's "impossible". my first couple of builds used Mojave and i personally...
  13. centraljava

    Lenovo ThinkPad T490 i5-10210u

    managed to install and boot up Mojave 10.14.6 on this laptop - i5-10210u, 4 core, 8 threads - 16gb 2667Mhz ddr4 RAM - WD sn730 SSD - intel wifi card (built-in soldered) so far the following works: - igpu support of intel hd 620 - sleep, wake, restart - brightness - touchpad - ethernet - usb...
  14. centraljava

    MSI PRO Z690 A DDR4 + i7-12700K + AMD RX 580

    well, we all can read how the MSI z690i failed the complete install (including Thunderbolt activation). i just had a conversation with a hackintosher (with paying customers), & he confirmed that z690i & z690 Godlike both did not pass thorough install. perhaps things will change with future BIOS...
  15. centraljava

    Asus Z690 ProArt Creator WiFi (Thunderbolt 4) + i7-12700K + AMD RX 6800 XT

    still trying to be hopeful on this mb, is there any chance you may hv a defective mb copy or faulty wifi card¿ because i’d seen a yt clip showing a build w/ z590i mb w/ a BCM94360NG card & it works.
  16. centraljava

    MSI PRO Z690 A DDR4 + i7-12700K + AMD RX 580

    @NorthAmTransAm, thank you for the wonderful guide. kindly pls comment on the relative scarcity of MSI board in 'golden build' section. I'm considering getting a z690 board from MSI TIA.
  17. centraljava

    MSI z690i meg unify 12700k persistent kernel panics?

    hi @Braedonsl how's the build now, any progress on stability?
  18. centraljava

    << Solved >> Opencore 0.78 - I7 11700K - MSI Z490A - PRO - VEGA 64 - Stuck at install

    hi @R3myBoy seems you managed to solve this :) care to share what's involved? trying to install Mojave using OC as well; i downgraded to 0.6.9 and it didn't help TIA
  19. centraljava

    Gigabyte Z690 ELITE AX D4 + i9-12900K + AMD RX 6600 XT

    hello there :) which nifty-looking app is this?