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  1. derFunkenstein

    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    AMD just announced some RDNA2 workstation graphics options for the Mac Pro. Maybe the 6000 series will be supported in a semi-official capacity soon.
  2. derFunkenstein

    NVIDIA Announces 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Coming to MacOS

    This is very exciting. I'm happy for everyone who's been waiting for this for 10 or 11 months now. My primary PC has a Skylake 6600K and GTX 1070, so it'd be very tailored towards this. Maybe I'll have a look for myself.
  3. derFunkenstein

    How to Fix iMessage

    2015-02-15 they fixed it. About a week after I went out and bought a Mac. That really f&$!ing figures. :banghead: Oh well. Good news for everyone else! :D
  4. derFunkenstein

    Apple Lowers the Price of Apple TV to $69

    I believe it's going to be a channel/app added to the aTV in a software update. But it's worth noting that your iTunes library can stream to an aTV - it's particularly nice for iTunes-purchased TV shows and movies, so you don't have to stream over the internet.
  5. derFunkenstein

    750 ti - 960 - 970 users with 5 minutes to run a benchmark... Capture One

    I don't have a 960, but this is from a 2009 Mac Pro with the firmware hack, a 6-core CPU, and an eVGA 750Ti Superclocked: 2015-02-17 09:13:47> Logging is now active. 2015-02-17 09:13:47> OpenCL initialization... 2015-02-17 09:13:47> OpenCL : found platform Apple, OpenCL Version : OpenCL 1.2...
  6. derFunkenstein

    OS X 10.10.2 Update

    TRIM and audio patches still in place thanks to Clover. Survived the update just fine. :headbang:
  7. derFunkenstein

    Z97N-WiFi or H97N-WiFi with real Apple wifi/BT card?

    Right, I knew about them, and linked one in my post. My question was to see if anyone had successfully tried it.
  8. derFunkenstein

    Z97N-WiFi or H97N-WiFi with real Apple wifi/BT card?

    If I have the real Apple wifi/BT BCM94360CD card for Handoff in Yosemite (which I do) and get a mini PCI-e adapter for it (which exists here:, will it work in the Z97N-WiFi's mini PCI-e slot? Thinking of shrinking...
  9. derFunkenstein

    Yosemite Handoff-capable Bluetooth adapters?

    I would not actually recommend the "fix" in this article, but it's an explanation of why Wifi is sometimes ****ing terrible in Yosemite. I can't believe that we're now 3 months on from its release and it's still this broken...
  10. derFunkenstein

    Do I need a graphics card with an Intel i5-4670 CPU?

    You don't need a video card, as rmonahan said, but I'm more on the fence about whether it's even worth buying a low-end GeForce 640 or something if you don't plan on playing games or using 3D apps. The HD 4600 is supported by Chimera, just refer to the install guide for more info, and they work...
  11. derFunkenstein

    Post your SSD benchmarks using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

    Toshiba Q-series Pro 256GB on Laharl below.
  12. derFunkenstein

    Intel G41 Express Chipset - kext required

    The only LGA775 boards that have supported graphics are those with the G30-family chipsets or lower (which have GMA3000 video). The 40-family chipsets have a later GMA 4000 series that Apple never used and kexts for OS X don't exist.
  13. derFunkenstein

    White Noise - Intel HD 4600 - Dell S2440L

    I've had similar experiences, between white snow like the OP describes as well as going black. To the OP: I have the 21.5" version of that monitor (2240L) and it freaks out if I have an HDMI switch connected, and the same switch and same cables work fine on my TV. Red spots show up all over the...
  14. derFunkenstein

    Where did the GTX 770 go from December Buyer's Guide?

    The 770 is getting harder and harder to come by (Newegg only has 1 in stock and it's heavily marked up - the rest are all out), and if you're comfortable setting the flags for nVidia's drivers, the 970 is a better choice at that price range.
  15. derFunkenstein

    Clover (with 10.10) won't boot from Fusion Drive, USB only. Asus Sabertooth Z77

    If you feel the need to update, updating is going give you the same problem. I had to manually copy one of my EFI folders to the root of the main partition, install Clover, and then copy the EFI folder back to both hard drive EFI partitions. It's easy to get the versions and configurations out...
  16. derFunkenstein

    Is it time for TonyMacx86 to make the transition to Clover?

    The "because of new iMessage issues" reasoning is flawed - it affects Clover as well. Clover setup is easier and easier because the Clover developers are doing more and more hardware detection, but it's not perfect yet. The Tonymacx86 guide worked flawlessly. It's one of those things that...
  17. derFunkenstein

    MidClass Hackintosh Project, advices needed!

    I cannot find any listing for H97-H3D online. There's H97-HD3 and theres' H97-D3H. Both of them will boot/install/run OS X fine. The HD3 appears to be the cheaper of the two, using an ALC887 audio codec and Realtek gigabit ethernet. The D3H uses an Intel ethernet and ALC1150. All of those...
  18. derFunkenstein

    Looking for a decent graphics card so I can replace my old one ad also have it work with my system.

    Yosemite web drivers support the GTX970 and GTX980. If you're on Yosemite, you just need to get them installed. If you don't want to mess with nVidia web drivers, GTX 770s can be had for under $300 and they'll make you Radeon 6850 cry, they're so fast. If you're a little lighter on cash, a...
  19. derFunkenstein

    Hackintosh for under $500 possibly run Yosemite ?

    If you're brand new, then I'd stick to the CustoMac Budget ATX and skip the wifi card unless you really need it. Core i3 with Intel HD 4600 graphics, 8GB of memory and 1TB HDD are plenty to start out...
  20. derFunkenstein

    Yosemite Handoff-capable Bluetooth adapters?

    Just a side-effect of all this - and I'm sure this is true regardless of whether you use the OSXWifi solution or buy your own parts on eBay or whatever. For Windows 8.1 I had to download the Boot Camp drivers and install the Bluetooth and wifi drivers manually. Bluetooth is an old-school...