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  1. dto4music

    3rd Party USB3 issues ASUS Z87-Plus

    PLEASE HELP! After having a few issues, I have successfully installed 10.13.5 Hackintosh on ASUS Z87-Plus, Intel Core i7 4770K, Nvidea GTX 980. I installed all the drivers post install using Multibeast. Having a small issue with USB though. I installed the 7/8/9 Series USB support and my...
  2. dto4music

    Cocktail on a Hackintosh

    I would also like to know :)
  3. dto4music

    Having problems installing 10.13.5 on my ASUS machine.

    One thing that could of caused an issue was that before I did the install, I could not find "IO serial port" or "XHCI Handoff" in my BIOS before install. However, after install was successful and everything was up and running, I did some BIOS checks again and I did find those items. I changed...
  4. dto4music

    Having problems installing 10.13.5 on my ASUS machine.

    UPDATE: In the end I got everything to work, not sure how, but I have ran into another problem after I thought things were going so well. Rebooted after installing a few apps without issue. Graphic, USB, Audio and Ethernet were all working fine after using Multibeast. App Store, iCloud were all...
  5. dto4music

    Having problems installing 10.13.5 on my ASUS machine.

    Hello everyone, I am trying the Hackintosh route again after trying 6 years ago and not having much luck. Was hoping the the process might of improved, but I am still running into problems. I bought a ASUS Windows machine off a friend for basic video editing, however, as a long time OSX user...
  6. dto4music

    Acer 5742 460m - Successful install :) How do i get iCloud

    I have installed Lion on my Acer Aspire 5742 460m laptop. The only problem is the iCloud and the App Store do not work. It says it does not recognise my device. Does anyone know how to fix this. Also I am still having problems getting the Trackpad working and I can't find a next for the intel HD...