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  1. Flybye

    SATA Cables and What to do with Extra G5 case?

    What about SATA cables like these where you can just route the cable to the side where you can then just bunch them all up together?
  2. Flybye

    Eleven Macs, Which One to Hack?

    The mirror door! Reason because the motherboard placement is completely opposite from any other case I've seen, and I'd be curious to see how someone is able to stuff an ATX in it.
  3. Flybye

    KelTek G5 Case Mod

    Yeah don't keep us hanging since its been a while. How did it come out?
  4. Flybye

    Another powermac g5 mod, my first g5

    Hehe....that's ok. Ya did a great job with the build! :) But if you are going to attempt to ever cut another circle that large, here is a nifty little attachment which may make that job easier.
  5. Flybye

    neilhart's Prodigy "The White One" - mATX in an ITX case

    neilhart's Prodigy "The White One" work log started. That little case didn't know what it was getting itself into. Looks great!
  6. Flybye

    Odd issues with front panel cable

    Its a 34 pin (with 1 blocked pin) ribbon cable. Actually, I just remembered its a floppy ribbon cable if that makes any difference. I'll be grounding the other pin tonight, and will do a search for what you suggested in just a bit. :)
  7. Flybye

    Odd issues with front panel cable

    I just checked them and they are all correct. But there is 1 wire I did not connect. USB shield ground. I didn't connect it because others have mentioned that ground is ground. So as long as there is a ground, then it should work. I did not connect it because the USB extension header that...
  8. Flybye

    Odd issues with front panel cable

    So I finally took a few hours to build the front cable only to discover a few strange problems: 1. USB If I plug in a USB drive to the front panel, I lose my keyboard/mouse. I have an apple keyboard connected to the back of the case. Even if I disconnect the USB drive, I can't get kb/mouse...
  9. Flybye

    My first G5 mod - planning stage - any thoughts? esp. PSU position/cable

    I'm too impatient for soldering. You need to sit there and wait for the wire to heat up before the solder can melt on it. I'm just going to use crimp connectors in the psu wires. I'm also going to take apart the psu and put it down stairs. When done right, crimps can be just as good or...
  10. Flybye

    Beige G3 desktop Mod

    Do it! I've been wanting to see a 90s tower get modded up. :)
  11. Flybye

    Mountain Lion (10.8) Unable to sign into App Store, iCloud or FaceTime

    Could this serial issue also cause Quicktime to not work right? With 10.6.8, I was able to watch WMVs that were embedded an an asx file from work, but I haven't been able to do so since I did a clean install of 10.8.
  12. Flybye

    1976 Model SONY Stereo Cassette Deck TC-209 SD to Hackintosh Project

    Then hook it up to audio out and see them come alive when playing music. :)
  13. Flybye

    DoctorEvil 30564's Powermac G4 Graphite Hackintosh

    Spare parts for future projects always gives an incentive to do another project. ;)
  14. Flybye

    Front panel question

    Yeah that card's provided cable is different. This is what I have: I measured the one power pin, and it currently shows 12v. But I'm going to try it anyways as I've read on a few sites the firewire power is scalable. So if more power is needed, that 12v will probably be automatically...
  15. Flybye

    MacPro Case Question

    Unfortunately, there is no easy transition with any of the Apple cases. Here is a thread with a Mac Pro case being modded.
  16. Flybye

    Front panel question

    Nvm guys. After reading this thread: The front pcb should work just fine even if firewire isn't connected. I guess I'll be testing mine with just 12v to see how it goes. Thanks all :)
  17. Flybye

    1976 Model SONY Stereo Cassette Deck TC-209 SD to Hackintosh Project

    Have you considered connecting the meters in the front to something like the harddrive activity light?
  18. Flybye

    1976 Model SONY Stereo Cassette Deck TC-209 SD to Hackintosh Project

    That is a rather interesting case you selected. :) Great job in getting it all together in there! I would have love to see a back picture to see how it looks, though.
  19. Flybye

    Front panel question

    I'm sorry if I didn't clarify the front panel. The G5 Power Mac front panel has 1 pin which is supposed to take in 24v. Most people have a Firewire port on their motherboard that has 2 power pins on it each having 12v. Just wrap those 2 together and you got yourself the 24v for the 1 pin...
  20. Flybye

    Front panel question

    That's the thing. I only have one 12v cable since I'm using a 6 port connector and not a motherboard header.