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  1. sokratisg

    GA-Z87X-D3H El Capitan (10.11.1) Clover - USB Issue (desktop support)

    Same situation here. There seems to be some success noted in another thread but I couldn't find the method. Check
  2. sokratisg

    El capitan USB issues - possible fix.

    Can you please point the exact post number? I also have a GA-Z87X-D3H and cannot find a way to make USB3 to work. I have already tried both back-panel as well on-board USB3 to no avail. Thanks
  3. sokratisg

    [SUCCESS] Tobitobst's Haswell - Z87X-D3H - i5 4670K - EVGA GTX760

    That worked great! Tried it before but probably I skipped something halfway. Thanks!!
  4. sokratisg

    [SUCCESS] Tobitobst's Haswell - Z87X-D3H - i5 4670K - EVGA GTX760

    I bought a Z87X-D3H yesterday and installed 10.9.1 with great success. Everything went smooth up until upgrading to 10.9.2 which made it lose audio. I have followed the guide in this thread. Here are my parts: Z87X-D3H F8 BIOS 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB) Gigabyte GT 640 Can someone please help? I am...
  5. sokratisg

    Gigabyte Z87X-D3H No more audio 10.9.2 was working 10.9.1

    Have you come up with any solution to this problem? I have just bought - installed the same board and just minutes ago I updated to 10.9.2. Same audio problem here... :(
  6. sokratisg

    No HDMI audio after 10.9.2 update

    Well after a lot of reading I also tried MaciASL + your patches for changing layout-id but still no HDMI audio. Also, after using the MaciASL patched DSDT, onboard audio started working without HDEnabler BUT I noticed a lot of slowdowns during OpenCL effects suchs as screensaver, windows...
  7. sokratisg

    No HDMI audio after 10.9.2 update

    I have just deleted S/L/E/HDAEnabler1.kext, rebooted and installed MultiBeast/ALC8xx/Without DSDT as you mention. Right now I have audio working from my GA-P35-DS4 (rev2.0) but unfortunately still no HDMI audio. Up until 10.9.1 everything worked perfectly with HDAEnabler1.kext + HDMI enabled...
  8. sokratisg

    No HDMI audio after 10.9.2 update

    Same problem here after today's 10.9.2 update. I've been using a DSDT enabled HDMI audio just for my Gigabyte GT640 and up until 10.9.2 worked perfectly. Now it doesn't appear as a selection in the audio output list. Tried to remove the custom DSDT but no fix. I also believe the problem...