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  1. Gaia1405

    << Solved >> Mojave 10.14.6 freezing with SSD

    I solved using a different EFI folder from a haswell OC guide
  2. Gaia1405

    << Solved >> Mojave 10.14.6 freezing with SSD

    Hi everyone, today i was trying to install mojave 10.14.6, but the installer just freezes, sometimes in the language chooser and sometimes during the first installation. The point is, when i unplugged the SSD from sata port and tried to install mojave directly in another pen drive, it goes...
  3. Gaia1405

    Does engineering samples (ES) cpu work?

    Hi, I was trying to hackintosh my pc (with the same Mojave image and clover that I successfully hackintosh my i3-4170). I have an ES haswell i7 QDE8 (supposed to be 4770s) and Everytime it freezes at "end random seed". Then I putted back my i3 and i can boot up. I'm trying to put the ES I7 to...