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  1. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    Updated 10.12.6 all is well no problems after update.
  2. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    Updated to 10.12.5 today, first on CCC drive it worked out of the box. So then I updated my main drive so far it is working well.
  3. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.4 Update

    To day Apr. 2, I have just up dated to 10.12.4 using my CCC drive. it worked like a charm I will do my main drive next.
  4. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.3 Update

    After backing up with CCC I tested the update on the back up drive, every thing worked fine. I will be updating my main drive later, it should work fine.
  5. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.2 Update

    I just discovered that my front USB 3 are not working. The USB3 on the back of the case are fine, any one have any ideas what could be wrong. thanks for any help.
  6. ghope5

    macOS 10.12.2 Update

    I just updated to 10.12.2 ,no issues so far. all is good.
  7. ghope5

    USB Unibeast disk will not boot

    Hi I have been running Yosemite with great results on my Gigabytes Z77Ud5h Bias 14 And have been booting all Oas since Lion with very few issues. With EL captain and clover not so lucky. After making my first Unibeast 6 disk. I removed my hard drive and installed on an spare drive. It appeared...
  8. ghope5

    My hackintosh is not recognized by app store after Yosemite upgrade

    I also use a UD5H MB I had the same problem could not sign in to Apple store. here is what created my problem" When I loaded Multibeast I changed my Mac Pro from a Mac Pro 3 to a Mac Pro 6 I had to change this back. to access the Apple store. this worked for me. good luck. Gord Hope
  9. ghope5

    FakeSMC Plugins and audio issues with MB 6.2.1

    I am having the same issue with a GB UD5H board no sound after wake since I updated to 10.9.2 and MultiBeast 6.2.1
  10. ghope5

    MultiBeast 6.2 Update

    Article: MultiBeast 6.2 Update I am getting the same problem after sleep mode, Is it ok to install the previous ver. of MultiBeast will this crash my system. I do like the new Mac Pro. 6 my graphics are better and I get a better Geek bench rating. for now I will put up with it in hopes of...
  11. ghope5

    MultiBeast 6.2 Update

    Article: MultiBeast 6.2 Update I have the same problem with the app store I have not tried the new multiBeast 6.2 yet but I am going to try it tonight, other than the app store Unable to verify your computer or device message, my system is working good. I have a Giggbytes UD5H board. I f you...
  12. ghope5

    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    Article: Update Your Mavericks App to 10.9.2 Has any one at this site had this message when signing into the app store after typing my password for app store I get a message in red that says"your device or computer could not be verified contact support for assistance" I have reinstalled from...
  13. ghope5

    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    I have managed to get mavrick 10.9.2 working on my Gb UD5H board by selecting Mac Pro 6 in the latest MultiBeast along with the audio drivers with DSDT free settings my system is back but my front usb3 ports are not working. the rear port's are all working. I am not sure what could cause this.
  14. ghope5

    OS X 10.9.1 Update

    ghope5- 12-17-2013,03:55 PM I followed the instructions from stork everything worked perfect GA-Z77X-UD5H, GTX 650
  15. ghope5

    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update I have the same mother board Ivy Bridge with GTX 650 ( Asus 2 gig) I installed the software up date,reboot, reinstalled audio drivers: realtek: first with dsdt: ALC898 ( not paying attention) reboot no sound every thing else works, tried multibeast again this time...
  16. ghope5

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide March 2013

    ghope5 - March 20th, 2013, 03:30 PM I just finished my costomac build, folowing your guid, my component list is Z77X-UD5H Gigabytes motherboard i7-3770 LGA 1155 intel processor 2 x 8 gig Corsair xms3 ram TP-Link450Mbps wireless n duel band pci express adapter LG WH14NS40 Black 12 BLU-RAY Burner...