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  1. IntranceTV

    MacOS utilities install loop

    Nice, I will try that as well :). Thanks for the update.
  2. IntranceTV

    macOS Utilities loop when installing

    I have been following the OpenCore Desktop Guide to set up a Hackintosh on my main rig. It has been going really smooth compared to previous experiences, as the guide is quite thorough. Easily got into the macOS install GUI, but no further. Upon selecting to install macOS, agreeing to the terms...
  3. IntranceTV

    Can not boot with RX560 (Mojave)

    If you happen to have CSM (Compatibility Support Module) enabled, try disabling it in the BIOS. Did the trick for me.
  4. IntranceTV

    << Solved >> No 4K resolution on HD4600

    The HD4600 is pretty much standardized and should be able to provide 4K@24Hz as max resolution according to Intel. You should perhaps check if Whatevergreen is actually loading or not. That's what put me on the track for fixing it for me. I checked Hackintool when I couldn't figure out what...
  5. IntranceTV

    << Solved >> No 4K resolution on HD4600

    Hi! I'm new to Hackintosh myself and have been struggling trying to get my HD4600 to output the native 2560x1440 for my monitor through the motherboard HDMI output. It seems like loading Lilu and Whatevergreen via Clover was simply not working. I just now (5 minutes ago) used KextBeast to...