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  1. thedocbwarren

    $0 Freeware/Open Source Hidden Gems

    Will check this out!
  2. thedocbwarren

    January 2023 Mac Announcement: M2 MacBook Pros & Mac Mini

    It would make little sense to do so. Imagine Apple asking some Dell reviewers to give an opinion on it. MacWorld seems underwehlmed by M2 despite the better performance it seems in favor of wanting a massive jump like M1 from Intel was. I'd think that would be unsustainable. Also likely not...
  3. thedocbwarren

    Possible January 2023 New Mac Pro Reveal

    Agreed and makes no sense to build something that is a support nightmare given it would be the only Intel Mac with all the PC baggage with GPUs. Even latest Intel chips are space heaters and are nasty power/performance. Add GPUs to that is doubly so (looking at Nvidia 4090 melty-cards.) As it...
  4. thedocbwarren

    What have you done/plan to do with retired hackintosh hardware?

    I've been converting mine to Debian and Ubuntu systems. I'm upgrading one machine to a 12th gen Intel but not going to bother hacking. I'll use it as a last Intel box for development use. I'll likely sell the other 5 6th/7th gen machines I have.
  5. thedocbwarren

    Apple Announces M1 Ultra CPU, Mac Studio and Studio Display

    I have an M1 MacBook Pro 13 and came seriously close to buying a Studio before having to move. These M1 and higher Macs are amazing, and I can't recommend it enough for anyone looking to replace a hack. I have several still, and, given the lack of support and heavy power requirement, I'm on...
  6. thedocbwarren

    PowerMac G4 gets a massive upgrade

    I think the short answer is, there are a fair amount of people that enjoy older systems (some much older than this.) It's nothing sinister but really hobbyist enjoyment. I have an old Mac IIfx to enjoy for retro stuff (plus I wanted one as a kid so bad it hurt.)
  7. thedocbwarren

    PowerMac G4 gets a massive upgrade

    I loved these as well. I upgraded every one. I liked them and liked the platform (PPC.)
  8. thedocbwarren

    List of Macs that can run macOS 13 Ventura

    Clearly an oversight in wording but they didn't QA apparently. Joking aside, it doesn't change they dropped older machines over 5 years old.
  9. thedocbwarren

    List of Macs that can run macOS 13 Ventura

    I've been guessing last Intel Mac to be supported with be with the 2025 release. By then I imagine most software will have some kind of Universal and we lose Rosetta 2.
  10. thedocbwarren

    Apple Previews macOS 13 Ventura - Available Fall 2022

    I had wondered if only AS Macs support metal 3.
  11. thedocbwarren

    Future of Hackies...?

    Unless it's a cost situation, for your work the Apple Studio Macs are quite amazing. Not sure why you'd hold off.
  12. thedocbwarren

    Apple Announces M1 Ultra CPU, Mac Studio and Studio Display

    Especially since this concept (as far as I know) does not work on Linux ARM. Obviously Windows ARM it does for VMs.
  13. thedocbwarren

    Name the Next macOS (13.0)

    macOS (Apple) Silicon Valley
  14. thedocbwarren

    Apple Announces M1 Ultra CPU, Mac Studio and Studio Display

    I've considered the same and decided to move on myself. These were a lot of fun for a while but did get much harder to make over time.
  15. thedocbwarren

    Is Intel giving up on x86 ? It could get a lot easier to build an ARM based Hackintosh

    Even if everyone makes ARM processors they won't be compatible with macOS. It's a difference of basic ARM instructions vs custom (such as M1.) My guess is these are targeted for Windows ARM or Linux.
  16. thedocbwarren

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    Likely. I'm someone supprised we got those. I'm holding off however as not sure I want to invest in anything right now. Plus these are hard to come by without massive markup. Was going to add to my eGPU (for the MBP 16) at very least but not sure eGPU is worth keeping as well.
  17. thedocbwarren

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    Unfortunately, it conjurs thoughts of Oracle :(
  18. thedocbwarren

    Z490 & Z590 - Will Z590 ever have macOS Support ?

    It's funny, a year ago I would be so excited and planning a new build. Now, I'm glad I just waited it out (and I didn't want to for sure.) At this point I feel like the ship sailed. I did have a lot of fun with Skylake and Kaby Lake making hackintoshes. I stopped after as I just didn't see a...
  19. thedocbwarren

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    People have a lot of issues with Windows drivers on the newest cards so not sure they would be much better if ever released for macOS. I believe the rx580 would likely be able to run your monitor just fine. Now, how well would depend on your need and expectation. I had my rx580 as both a hack...
  20. thedocbwarren

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    That's good, but I'd still say it's not the best idea to buy something till it's supported in the environment you wish to use it.