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  1. freddieMacx

    GA-H87N-WIFI.... Nothing but PROBLEMS!

    GA-H87N-WIFI is giving me a headache: 1. Snow Leopard will not boot without the iBoot-Haswell... So even that isn't working form me. 2. 10.9.2 is fundamentally broken for the H87N-WIFI resulting in the 0xdeadbeefdeadbeef error that many other people have experienced as well. The...
  2. freddieMacx

    CustoMac Mini 2013: GA-H87N-WIFI - Core i3-4340 - Intel HD 4600

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I've read that this error is related to 10.9.2 (latest Mavericks). If you can get your hands on .1 or .0 then you might be able to get it done. Let's stay in touch. We have the same system and the same problem.
  3. freddieMacx

    Unibeast Installer Booting Problem

    Hi I have the same deadbeef type error that you had on your upside-down jpegs you posted. 10.9.2 might be to blame which would explain why you were able to install Mavericks without a problem before. I ordered ML and will hopefully get it done that way.
  4. freddieMacx

    Kernel Panic on CustoMac Mini 2014

    Edit: I made a Mavericks installer USB using Unibeast, but when I try to boot from it I get the following error in the JPG attachment. GA-H87N-WIFI i3 4330 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LiteON IHAS124-04 DVD Writer (the only part that isn't on the CustoMac Mini parts list)
  5. freddieMacx

    iBoot Not Working for MacMini (March 2014)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I needed to use iBoot-Haswell instead of iBoot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only have a 32 bit Macbook1,1 so I can't make a bootable USB with...
  6. freddieMacx

    Confused About .MB Files (CustoMac Mini 2014)

    Hi, I'm building a CustoMac Mini (GA-H87N-WIFI) and I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do with the CustoMacMini-DSDT-Free.mb config file listed here: At what...
  7. freddieMacx

    Boot from USB 3.0 External HDD? (Without Internal HDD)

    Are you sure OS X is slow with external media? I'm using an old mac when I write this comment and I only have an external drive, no internal. It's slower because it's USB 2.0. I'm not sure I believe you when you say that OS X can't handle external drives because it's bloated. I guess it depends...
  8. freddieMacx

    Boot from USB 3.0 External HDD? (Without Internal HDD)

    I was only talking about an external USB 3.0 *HDD* (hard drive) not a flash drive (and I wasn't talking about installation... should have made that clearer). But if the Gigabyte motherboards can boot from a flash drive connected to USB 3.0 then I'm sure they can boot from a HDD as well. A USB...
  9. freddieMacx

    Boot from USB 3.0 External HDD? (Without Internal HDD)

    Hi, I've been searching through the forum posts on booting from a USB 3.0 HDD and it seems like this was not possible a couple of years ago. Has anything changed? My understanding is that the ability to boot from a USB 3.0 HDD is dependent on the BIOS. More specifically it's dependent on the...