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  1. schwubdiwub

    No working Apple-ID after installing TP-Link 4800

    Problem solved. Searched quite a while for a solution but in the end it was really simple. Only deleted the "NetworkInterfaces.plist" in Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, reboot, added a new Wifi-Connection in the network-panel, and voila, iCloud works like a charm now.
  2. schwubdiwub

    No working Apple-ID after installing TP-Link 4800

    SOLVED! - No working Apple-ID after installing TP-Link 4800 Hello everyone. I have a Hackintosh with ML 10.8.1, a Z77-DS3H, i5 3570k and internal Graphics. Everything worked perfect until I installed this wifi-card. Internet works great, but when i want to connect to iCloud or the AppStore...
  3. schwubdiwub

    Clean install after changing CPU?

    Today I received my new i5 3570k. At the moment I'm using a i5 3450 and because this CPU has the wrong GPU, i wanna replace it with the new one. Do I have to make a clean install of Mountain Lion or replacing kext files or modifying chimera...?
  4. schwubdiwub

    Mountain Lion Geekbench scores?

    My score with a i5 3450 (OC at 3.8GHz) is 10073 in 32-bit mode. Everything fine or should I worry?
  5. schwubdiwub

    Change CPU?

    Hi I'm only a hackintosh beginner and can't give a good advice. All I can say is that the 3450 in my build works like a charm. Well, the internal GPU is not recognized. But if you use an external one, there should not be any problems.
  6. schwubdiwub

    Mountain Lion Slower Boot Times?

    No bluetooth devices. Only wired keyboard and mouse.
  7. schwubdiwub

    Mountain Lion Slower Boot Times?

    My Samsung 830 boots very slow. In -v mode, the line "macx_swapon SUCCESS" stays for a very long time. When I replaced the two files with lion' kext, ML wasn't able to boot anymore. I started again in safe mode and replaced the two kext files with my backup. Nothing changed. Still not able to...
  8. schwubdiwub

    Changing CPU requires a start from scratch

    My Hack works fine now. The only thing: i have the wrong CPU. It's a Core i5 3450 with the HD2500 but i will buy a 3570k with the HD4000 to get the full GPU support. Meanwhile (shipping will take it's time) I want to work seriously with my Hackintosh, installing Apps, moving Files from my old...
  9. schwubdiwub

    [SUCCES] Gigabyte Z77M-D3H + i3570k + 4870 512MB

    What does it need to make the ATI running? I use a 4890 but still have the low resolution and no recognition. I installed the 48xx fix with MultiBeast but nothing changed.
  10. schwubdiwub

    GA-Z77-DS3H, i7-3770K using HD4000 with full QE/CI, SLEEP, SOUND and ETHERNET

    I have a similar machine. Instead of the 3770k I have a 3450. Sadly, the Intel HdD2500 doesn't work, but I think I will replace it with the i5 3570 to get full GPU support. The only thing i'm wondering why you did not install the TrimEnabler. I observed my Samsung 830 boots terrible slow (i...
  11. schwubdiwub

    ATi Radeon 4890

    Is there a way to use this graphic card in Mountain Lion? The MultiBeast 48xx fix doesn't work for me.
  12. schwubdiwub

    Help a Beginner with his z77-ds3h

    Update: Sound works fine now. It needs the ALC887. Graphics is still not recognized. Chimera also doesn't work for me. I tried one more time with the log enabled and at the end it gives me the output "ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver -failed to locate SMD Driver"
  13. schwubdiwub

    Help a Beginner with his z77-ds3h

    No advice? I tried on my own and installed the standalone chimera and it doesn't boot my ML installation (Unibeast bootloader works perfect), i installed the Non-DSDT HDAEnabler and the Patched AppleHDA, both ALC898 -> no sound yet. I installed the package for 48xx and the Device...
  14. schwubdiwub

    Help a Beginner with his z77-ds3h

    I installed from UniBeast with no problems. I started again and now I don't know how I should use MultiBeast. I have no sound and graphics (ati 4890). Everything else works OOB, it seems. Do I have to install EasyBeast, UserDSTD or only Chimera? Also, there are so many options in the Audio...
  15. schwubdiwub

    Download ML without installing

    Where does it save the ML file? Maybe I'm able to move it to a save place before the error message deletes it again.
  16. schwubdiwub

    Download ML without installing

    I purchased and downloaded ML on a friends MBP with Lion installed. When the download was finished, the App Store wanted to install ML on the current machine. I canceled the Installation process and it gave me an error message and a retry-button. Now I have to download the whole installation...