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  1. nikstar

    How can I change the way I switch the language to the windows way?

    I do not think that can set it something else, except the "command+space" shortcut for changing the language.
  2. nikstar

    PSU Sparked, now no longer functioning.

    The first thing you are checking in a broken PSU is the fuse, but probably at your case it should be ok cause it is sparking. The PSUs are almost the only electronic devices that can be repaired at these days, but if the words, capacitors, resistors, transistors, mosfets, looks Greek to you...
  3. nikstar

    Reusing Power Mac G5 cable

    Which cable you want to use? The power one? If so, yes you can, no problem.
  4. nikstar

    Physical Switch for changing between OS's

    If you have a couple extra low capacity HDD, and two more empty Sata ports at your mobo, you can use the solution described above with the two SD cards and install chimera on both of these drives and set one to auto boot on OSX and the other one to Win and set these two drives at boot priority...
  5. nikstar

    Info on G5 Fans

    I agree with neilheart. I tried to use those fans at my build but they were tooooo loud even if I supply them the lowest voltage they could start spinning (about 5-7 VDC). So I end up buying some low noise and low spin fans and I replaced the original ones.
  6. nikstar

    G5 front panel question

    Actually there is nowhere 24v, it could be like you said if you are using two different power supplies. In your case the two 12v lines are providing more power (amps) not voltage.
  7. nikstar

    Front panel question

    You can connect only one 12v line at the G5 front panel. If at the other side of the cable has 2 pins for 12v power MUST be connected to both of them. For example if your motherboard has an onboard firewire the 10 pin header has 2 pins (7 +8 as Gus said at the other post) for the power and if...
  8. nikstar

    G5 front panel question

    I am saying that is not necessary to put diodes at the power lines but also it will not harm if you put one. I make my own G5 front panel without diodes and is working perfect for about a year and a half.
  9. nikstar

    Front panel question

    Yes, you have one 12v cable from the header and you must connect it to the front panel at two pins. You said you need 2 x 12v at the front panel, so connect the 12v you have, to those two pins.
  10. nikstar

    Front panel question

    You can just connect the other pin to 12v too. Just bridge them. ( I mean the two pins at the front panel)
  11. nikstar

    G5 front panel question

    You do not have to put a diode on those 12v supplies. Your harness is probably connected to the motherboard header at one of the 12v pins but it should be split it at the other side at the both of those pins. Is probably like this for money saving. Less cables.
  12. nikstar

    Upgrading Laptop screen to 1080p

    It depends how old are you. If you are below 40 the 1080p will be ok. If you are above 40 you should think the possibility of putting the 900p. I am 40 now and I have the 1080p at my 4530 and I can say that I am in the limit. The menu bar looks a little bit small but everything else you can...
  13. nikstar

    Forgotten BIOS password for 4530s

    There are tools claiming for showing-reseting the Bios' password, software and hardware ones. Do a little search and you 'll find a lot of them. So the point is what is an Unacceptable answer? Someone asked something and I point to him to a possible solution and then someone else, all of a...
  14. nikstar

    Wifi gets disconnected when I close it

    If the above solution did help, try to delete the : /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
  15. nikstar

    Forgotten BIOS password for 4530s

    There are some hacking tools for reseting bios' passwords but you may end up with a BrickBook. So, which is better? If you do not like my answer don't get it but is more wiser to ask for help from the manufacture company (or maybe sent it to them) than trying unreliable tools.
  16. nikstar

    Hard drive greyed out in disk utility.

    Does it let you chose the Hard Disc (not the partitions)? It looks like you must reformat your HD. And it must be at GUID partition scheme.
  17. nikstar

    Turn on/off Bluetooth

    You can't. Even if you switch it off at bios, OSX still can "see" it. Do a search here for a "taped" solution.
  18. nikstar

    Magic Trackpad pairing unsuccessful

    You need to inject your BT ID's to the the BT kext in order for the dongle to work after sleep and you have to disable (hardware) the internal BT. There is a solution to put tape at two pins on the PCI card for disable it. I do not know if you read that but give a search and you will find it :D
  19. nikstar

    want to install winxp in my probook

    Well, these errors were quite common at XP time and unfortunately aren't describing what exactly is the problem. Usually (from my personal experience) these errors are hardware related. Most of the times was the ram but there were cases with problematic installation disc. I cannot help you...
  20. nikstar

    want to install winxp in my probook

    You are not helping very much. What excactly is the error? I have WinXP and win 98SE installed via VMWare and it was very easy task. Maybe you can give it a try. It is worth it unless you want all the hardware power from your laptop to XP.