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    Wood Case Number Two

    I really needed to add a few more picture of the last steps of the build. Here is the final lay out of the PS and MB. You can see in the second to last picture there is quite a bit a space behind the power supply to suck air from up above. I really wanted the tower in there I even went...
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    Wood Case Number Two

    Thanks grg3 I saw a lamp on Lumberjocks and just had to make it into a computer case. Here's a picture of the lamp and my try at copying his style. UtterDisbelief I started this out with the idea of the tower fan light as part of the build but it didn't center the space and just took...
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    Wood Case Number Two

    Here's a story board of my new wood case-hackintash. Thanks for checking it out.
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    This should finish it up for now. Well I've put it together and it still needs a couple a coats of finish I will be switching out mother boards after the new wears off. Still needs a back door but it's up against the wall so? I put oak ply wood on one side and a window on the other...
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    Well I'm back at it. Why do I build things with so many parts. Every one of those top boards had to be sanded on all sides, I'm going back to ply wood. lol So got the top on and am trying out two maybe three different sides. When I went to put in the last slat it needed to be...
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    Thanks grg3 More to come, got the top on and tried a rub on finish for a first look will be up soon.
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    Well it's time for an up date. Monday I cut out and glued up the back or front. The back is oak and walnut. I wanted a nice back so I could have it showing at times instead of the door, which I have at this time no idea how it will be done. lol Spent all day Tuesday sawing and sanding...
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    I've added to the first post to keep it all together.:thumbup:
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    Wood Case Hackintosh

    Here is the finished build, I will leave the rest of the post intact. Been trying for months to come up with a design for a wood case that is a little different. I think I may have figured it out. It will be a mix of two different furniture pictures I have found. I just love...
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    Mac Box Pro

    I love the boxes.:clap: Have a real Star Wars feel to them.:mrgreen:
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    Sliding Motherboard tray ideas

    I love the idea and am in the planing stage to build a wood case and adding slides would be cool . Just a thought but water cooling will make it hard to slide it in and out. Air cooling would be just unplug the fan and slide it out. Water cooling just isn't going to be as easy to slide in...
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    IMG 0557

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    IMG 0560

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    IMG 0581

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    stiligFox's PowerMac G7

    Very nicely done.:clap: I really like the custom aluminum panel from The Laser Hive, :thumbup: and the Corsair grommets really nice way to hide the cables:thumbup::thumbup: and give you something to mount other parts to.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Something to really be proud of and will...
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    Rotten Apple G5 Case Mod

    WOW!!! Very nicely done.:clap: I love your attention to detail. The two tone is just out standing.:shock: As you said earlier, their not that expensive to build but I did notice you must have sold your shoes to buy parts cause I don't think there's one shot with you with your shoes on. :lol:
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    (Another) Mac Pro Late 2013 Replica

    I'm just enjoying reading this. The closest I can come the this was the fun my son and I would have at the Commodore 64 club in Huntsville Al. back 20 years ago when I was first getting in to computers. It's just great to read what all your getting into so early in life. Man I just wonder...
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    Lian Li Desk PCs

    NICE!!!:shock: But $950 for the small one.:wtf: OUCH!!!:lolno:
  19. IMG 0572

    IMG 0572

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    G5 + laserhive mobo tray + Noctua NH-D14?

    It"ll work:thumbup: Stand offs are your friend.:shifty: