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  1. xrep

    Rog Strix Rog Strix z370 gaming (wifi ac) + Fenvi T919

    Hi guys, I am trying to get my bluetooth (via Fenvi) working. After fresh install, bluetooth was working but most of USB ports wasn't. I had USBInjectAll.kext with no special setting. I followed Pastrychef's guide...
  2. xrep

    Dualboot with Windows EFI folders

    Guys, thanks for you guidance, it helped me a lot! I will try to fix it somehow, based on your responses :)
  3. xrep

    Dualboot with Windows EFI folders

    Let's suppose three storage devices: 1. M.2 Samsung SSD 2. 2.5 Samsung SSD 3. 2.5 Western Digital SSD My hackintosh was working flawlessly on 1 (hackintosh) & 2 (Time Machine backup of 1). But i wanted dualboot with Windows, so I bought 3. I've physically installed 3 formatted it as GUID /...
  4. xrep

    High Sierra - MultiBeast Audio

    This guide is not working for ALC1220A on Asus ROG Strix G WIFI MB.