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  1. epaturun

    “HackinMouse” Skylake H110 Econo Rig | i5-6500 | GA-H110M-A | 16GB | RX560

    Hi, MOTS sorry for late reply: My Motherboard is: GA-H110M-S2H, and Ii think I am on F4 BIOS running i7-6700 Processor My RAM is x2 sticks: Size: 8 GB Type: DDR4 Speed: 2133 MHz Status: OK Manufacturer: Crucial Technology Part Number: CT8G4DFD8213.C16FBD1
  2. epaturun

    “HackinMouse” Skylake H110 Econo Rig | i5-6500 | GA-H110M-A | 16GB | RX560

    Hi MOTS - did you have the problem with using 2 RAM modules in El Capitan too or just Sierra (& High Sierra)? I am asking because I have 2 modules in my El Capitan rig and they both were recognised without any effort on my part.
  3. epaturun

    Dell Inspiron 530 - High Sierra

    Hi Only just seen this. I have it working well with El Capitan - mine is the Core2Duo quad core q6600 - I might be able to help. Not a genius at this hack. Have a look at this thread
  4. epaturun

    HELLO IM NEW! HELP FOR VIDEO EDITOR CPU! i7+z170x gaming3+evga gtx950 2gb

    cant suggest but have a look at the builds in this forum. they have video editing builds in their signatures.
  5. epaturun

    Yosemite on Dell Inspiron 530 [Success]

    I'm still rocking mine. first i did was 10.5 leopard. I'm currently stuck on lion due to my graphics card. use it for final cut pro x. What graphic card have you got in yours? not sure what size can fit in there.
  6. epaturun

    Yosemite on Dell Inspiron 530 [Success] have a look on here you might have to go back couple of places. I have a copy but as there are motherboard revisions not sure if its right for your motherboard
  7. epaturun

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 rev1.3 UEFI, i7-2600K, XFX HD5670

    Hi brill to see you've got this xfx card to work - did you use KNN kext or did you modify your own and did you use Lemur as I've all ways seen Baboon for this card and its worked on Lion for me with this Thanks