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  1. gurji

    Hide partitions in Clover to show only Windows and Yosemite

    Well that was easier then expected.... worked perfect on Sierra. Thanks man!
  2. gurji

    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    For me, I never had to set Igpu as primary but for my 1070 I had to... Doesn't really mater performance wise in both windows and Mac so no biggy.
  3. gurji

    NVIDIA 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Released: Buyer's Guide Updated!

    Meanwhile I'm getting 62fps in Cinebench with my EVGA 1070 :banghead:
  4. gurji

    NVIDIA Announces 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Coming to MacOS

    Any reason why I can only boot if "onboard" graphics is primary graphics adapter rather then "PCIExpress"... Only way I can boot with my 1070? Never experienced this before.
  5. gurji

    NVIDIA 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Released: Buyer's Guide Updated!

    grrr... Can't get my Evga 1070 to boot... instant reboot even with the drivers installed and enabled.
  6. gurji

    NVIDIA Announces 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Coming to MacOS

    Since my 970 died on me in December and I replaced it with a 1070 I have not even been able to use Mac.. Thank you Nvidia... Thank you.
  7. gurji

    Siri location Problem

    Siri is functioning properly except It won't pull my location via ethernet connection. When asking any location based questions It asks for me to be connected through wifi for it to gain location access. Is there a fix or do I need to purchase a wifi card?
  8. gurji

    siri works on a hackintosh?

    Working fine for me with multiple USB Input devices (Logitech Webcam & Hyper X Cloud Headset), but for some reason it won't let me use location services unless Wifi is on... Unfortunately I don't use wifi or have a wifi card I only use ethernet.
  9. gurji

    NvidiaWeb & Clover Configurator

    Did not need to use it for my system, Asrock Extreme 4 + 970
  10. gurji

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Worked flawlessly on Sierra, not sure if I ever see myself using Siri and iMessage but it's awesome it works!
  11. gurji

    Slow boot with SSD

    Something I noticed on my build is when I'm using PCIExpress as my primary graphics adapter I average around a 1-2m boot time on my SSD but when switching to onboard graphics its around 10-15 seconds. Try onboard and see what happens.
  12. gurji

    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hope I'm posting in the right place this time :s 1- Have no audio after using ALC-Clover 120 2- 10.12, Asrock Extreme 4 Z77, 3770k, GTX 970 3 - Guide Used- > Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio (I don't know what options I should be selecting) 4 - Realtek 898 5 - Sorry for unanswerd...
  13. gurji

    Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio

    My mistake, Did not see a option to delete post and am quite desperate at this point. Wont happen again.
  14. gurji

    No Sound - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    So I have no audio at all and am completely lost. I've been using your ALC-120 Sierra command line but can't seem to get anything working with 898. I tried also using your HDMI/DP Command line but that was a no go also. After every mess up I have been deleting the Kext "realtekALC.kext" in the...
  15. gurji

    Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio

    I Have tried every single option and can't seem to get 898 to work. Is there something I need to change in my config file? Im also getting that error "Audio ID 0 is not supported"
  16. gurji

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.0 (367.15.10.05)

    Instantly restarts for me and my 970 unless I set my Onboard Graphics as my default option in my bios and use my 970 to power my secondary 4k monitor which works oddly. Sooo, I can use my onboard graphics and my 970 together but can't use just my 970 to boot. very weird. UPDATE: ISSUE HAS BEEN...
  17. gurji

    FakePCIID: Broadcom BCM57XX network OOB

    It's working!!!! Thank you so much! I always thought kext installer programs were just simply pasting into S/L/E ... Again, thank you for your time and help.
  18. gurji

    FakePCIID: Broadcom BCM57XX network OOB

    Hey RehabMan, So basically I decided to just do a complete fresh install out of frustration. Anyways I now have a new install and I still can't get the internet to work. I Downloaded ( from bit bucket and copied (FakePCIID_BCM57XX....... & FakePCIID) to...
  19. gurji

    FakePCIID: Broadcom BCM57XX network OOB

    I did infact replace the IOfamilykext that must be the problem. So I can just copy the kext from my macbook and place it back into my hack? is there a specific kext I need besides your package for BCM57781 network driver? Thank you for your time and work.
  20. gurji

    FakePCIID: Broadcom BCM57XX network OOB

    Thank you.